Precisely fine-tune tonal adjustments with this powerful tool.

This filter gives you the ability to manually fine-tune the tones and color channels in your image. Though slightly more complex, once you are familiar with this filter, you will have precise control over different color channels across the entire tonal range. 

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Filter controls


You can make a curve adjustment to all channels equally or to an individual channel (such as to blue to emphasize the sky).


At the bottom there are sliders that let you adjust black and white points of the histogram (the leftmost and rightmost sliders), as well as the middle bend of the curve (the central slider).


You can add up to 10 control points. Drag up to add contrast to an area and down to lighten the area. Multiple points can be employed for contrast adjustments based on tonal range.

Jim Nix

Pro Photographer

Jim Nix is a travel photographer based in Austin, TX. He uses Skylum products to create bold, colorful and expressive photos from his world travels. His work is primarily composed of cityscapes and landscapes and he aspires to instill a sense of wonder and inspiration in his viewers as well as a desire to explore with his compelling visual narratives.

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