Make your subject the center of attention.

This filter acts as a simple technique to lighten or darken the edges around your image to make the subject the center of attention. From a floral arrangement set amongst a table setting, to a wedding ring resting in an open palm, bring all of the attention to where you want the viewer to focus on.

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Vignette Filter in Luminar | Skylum


Vignette Filter in Luminar | Skylum(2)


Filter controls

Vignette Filter in Luminar | Skylum(3)


Strengthens the darkening around the edges of photos. In position 0, the effect is not applied. Move the slider to the left side of the picture to give more shading to the edges, while moving the slider to right will brighten the edges.

Vignette Filter in Luminar | Skylum(4)


Size of the obscured area. Moving the slider to the left will increase the area of darkening. Moving the slider to the right will reduce the area of darkening.

Vignette Filter in Luminar | Skylum(5)


This slider changes the shape of the shaded area.

Vignette Filter in Luminar | Skylum(6)


This slider sets the smoothness of the transition between the area of shading.

Vignette Filter in Luminar | Skylum(7)

Inner Brightness

This slider increases the brightness in the central region which is not affected by shading. It allows you to create a contrast effect.

Vignette Filter in Luminar | Skylum(8)

Tony Corbell

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Tony has been a photographer his entire adult life. He has been teaching lighting techniques as well as post-production for more than thirty years. He has photographed three US presidents, numerous celebrities and ad campaigns/catalogs, editorial assignments all over the world and has released numerous books on studio and location lighting controls.

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