Chapter 14: Loading Additional Luminar Looks

There are many Luminar Looks included with Luminar 3.  To make it easy to manage these Luminar Looks, you’ll find that they are organized into several groups and categories.

Choosing a Group

Luminar Looks are organized into three major groups. To view these options, click on the Luminar Looks pop-up menu at the left edge of the Luminar Looks Browser.  This will open up the Group and Category browser.

Choosing a Group

  • All Luminar Looks shows you both Luminar Looks created by the Skylum team as well as any that you’ve saved or imported.
  • Favorite are the Luminar Looks that you tagged with a star (just click the hollow star on a Luminar Look’s thumbnail). Use these Luminar Looks to create a consistent edit across a series of images or to keep a short list of your favorite adjustments.
  • User Luminar Looks shows you Luminar Looks that you’ve created on your own.

Note: Get More Luminar Looks opens up the Luminar Marketplace where you can find free and paid for Luminar Looks.

Choosing a Category

Luminar Looks are also organized into Categories to help sort them by style. These Categories include Luminar Looks created by Skylum and professional photographers. To view by category, click on the Luminar Looks pop-up menu at the left edge of the Luminar Looks Browser.  

Choosing a Category

You’ll now see several categories to choose from, including:

  • Essentials. These Luminar Looks create subtle changes in your image for clarity, vivid colors, adding a vignette, and more.
  • Street. These work well for photographs shot under on-the-move conditions.  Bring out detail and add contrast to your images quickly.
  • Landscape.  A collection of Luminar Looks that are well-suited for outdoor lighting.  Use these Luminar Looks to quickly add contrast, make colors vivid, improve skies, or add details with structure.
  • Portrait. Enhance the look of people by smoothing skin tones and bringing back warmth and color to your subject.
  • Lifestyle.  Apply subtle adjustments to both color and contrast.  These Luminar Looks are useful for evoking a mood and are a quick way to stylize your photos.
  • Dramatic. Use these Luminar Looks to create images that offer a dramatic flair. They create desaturated colors, high-contrast tones, rich colors, big glows, or soft focus.
  • Aerial. These Luminar Looks which have been inspired by DJI are perfect for photos taken from your drone.  They are optimized to bring out the most detail in aerial photos while cutting down on haze and sharpening the image.

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