Chapter 2. Main Benefits of Luminar

Chapter 2. Main Benefits of Luminar

  • A scalable and adaptive user interface that lets you browse images and work the way that you want.

  • The Library panel in Luminar places images front and center. A minimalist interface removes clutter and distractions making it easier to browse and enjoy photos.

  • With the Library panel, it’s easier than ever to organize, browse, rate, and group your photos.

  • Convenient Workspaces show recommended tools for specific types of photography such as Professional, Quick & Awesome, Essentials, Aerial Photography, Black & White, Landscape, Portrait, and Street.

  • Over 60 powerful one-click Luminar Looks to quickly enhance your images or adjust to taste.

  • A searchable  Filter catalog to browse by keyword or style and choose from 51 image enhancement filters to refine your photos and solve image problems.

  • Accent AI Filter 2.0 – the world’s most intelligent photo enhancer

  • Layers, brushes, and masking provide the ultimate in selective editing.

  • Apply Lookup Table (LUT) files for creative color grading and film stock emulation

  • Customizable brushes plus a selective masking system to allow for precise control.

  • A History panel to track which adjustments have been made to an image as well as quickly perform multiple undos.

  • Beautiful edits, 100% nondestructive that are automatically saved to your catalog.

  • RAW, JPEG, TIFF and other popular files support for the greatest flexibility.

  • Workflow tailored to any style with support for using as a standalone application or as a plug-in to popular host applications.

  • Batch processing of photos to quickly improve multiple images.

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