Chapter 6: Luminar Desktop vs. Luminar Flex

Luminar 3 is to be used as a standalone application that it has all the features needed in order to take your image from beginning to end. It offers three different editing workflows:

Library – Add folders that you want to track to your library for organizing and editing.  Easily sync adjustments between multiple images.
Quick Edit – The Quick Edit command is perfect to open individual images or a group of images for editing.  You can work with these images without adding the parent folder to your library.
Batch Processing – You can target multiple images or folders for quick batch processing.  Easily apply smart Luminar Looks based on Accent AI for automatic image enhancement

Chapter 6: Luminar Desktop vs. Luminar Flex

Luminar Flex is for those that want to use Luminar as a plugin. It is designed to work as a plugin with several host applications. Luminar Flex offers a faster workflow, optimized for plugin users since it does not include Libraries.

Luminar Flex works as a plugin to the following host applications:

Photoshop (Windows & macOS)
Lightroom Classic CC (Windows & macOS)
Photoshop Elements (Windows & macOS)
Photos for macOS
Apple Aperture

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Both products take advantage of our powerful photo enhancement and styling filters.


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