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 Whiten Teeth In Photos For A Picture-Perfect Smile

White teeth are commonly perceived as being more attractive. If you notice that your subject’s teeth are not ideal, you can use a teeth-whitener photo editor to whiten them and easily retouch your portrait.

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How To Use The Photo Teeth Whitening Feature Effectively?

Using face recognition technology, Luminar Neo’s FaceAI tool selectively targets a subject’s face, eyes, and mouth. There are plenty of sliders for enhancing these facial features.

You’ll find a Teeth Whitening slider in the Mouth tools. Simply tweak the slider and brighten all the smiles in a portrait!

Why Should You Choose Our Teeth Whitening Tool?

Manually masking small details can be time-consuming and requires a lot of attention to details.

With the AI-based Teeth Whitening slider, to edit teeth in photos, you simply need to tweak the slider and enjoy the result immediately!

Edit Teeth In Photos To Achieve A Brighter Smile

Whiter teeth can enhance a person's overall appearance, making them look more attractive and confident. In today's digital age, photos are frequently used on social media, professional profiles, and dating apps.

Using a white teeth filter to achieve a brighter smile can help individuals present their best selves in these online spaces.
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The Magic Of The Teeth-Whitening Editor In Photo Enhancement

Luminar Neo isn’t just a teeth photo editor, it has plenty of features for improving your portraits. In the Mouth tools, you will also find such tools:

Lips Saturation

Enhance the color of the lips.

Lips Redness

Increase the redness of the lips.

Lips Darkening

Lower the luminosity of lips.

Explore Other Features

Luminar Neo has plenty of other features to help you edit faster and easier
Golden Hour
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Golden Hour
 Enhance your photos with the warm, soft, and diffused light of the golden hour.
Change Background Color
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Change Background Color
Enhance your design projects with a background changer, a simple yet impactful tweak.
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Elevate your images with stunning photo filters
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Explore our tools to customize the perfect image saturation and bring your visuals to life.
Dehaze Photos
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Dehaze Photos
Effortlessly reveal hidden details and vibrant colors.
Unblur Image
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Unblur Image
Unlock the power of clarity and transform your blurry shots into crystal-clear masterpieces!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to whiten teeth in pictures with Luminar Neo?

Luminar Neo’s FaceAI tool selectively targets a subject’s face, eyes, and mouth. You’ll find a Teeth Whitening slider in the Mouth tools that will help you easily whiten teeth.

How do I avoid over-whitening teeth in my pictures?

Simply tweak the Teeth Whitening slider to make your teeth look brighter or less bright.

Can I fix yellow or discolored teeth in a photo?

Depending on which photo editor for teeth, you can easily fix yellow or discolored teeth in a photo. Luminar Neo’s Teeth Whitening slider does the job perfectly!

What's the difference between whitening teeth and brightening them in photos?

These terms can be used interchangeably, depending on the context. Teeth Whitening refers to the process of making the teeth appear whiter by adjusting the color and reducing any discoloration or stains. Teeth whitening in photos involves targeting the specific shade of the teeth and making it lighter to achieve a cleaner and whiter appearance. This process is often used to enhance the natural color of the teeth and remove any yellowing or discoloration. Teeth brightening, on the other hand, is a broader term that encompasses various adjustments to improve the overall appearance of teeth. It may involve not only making the teeth whiter but also enhancing the contrast between the teeth and the surrounding elements in the photo. Brightening can include increasing the highlights, adding shine or gloss, and improving the overall vibrancy of the teeth.