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Wrinkle Remover Photo Editor
for Selfies

Beauty is relative, and beauty standards shouldn’t dictate your choices. That’s why editing portraits can be a touchy subject. However, if you feel like removing wrinkles from photos, Luminar Neo provides a tool that gives realistic and satisfying results

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How to Seamlessly Erase Wrinkles With a Photo Editor?

Use the Skin AI tool in Luminar Neo. The AI automatically analyzes your model’s face, and can smooth out the skin and remove imperfections. 
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Why Should You Use an AI-based Wrinkle Removing Tool?

The Skin AI tool in Luminar Neo analyzes your image. It can automatically enhance and retouch a person’s skin while giving you complete control over how the content-aware adjustments are applied. No need for tedious masking!

Turn Back the Clock: Unveiling The Wrinkles Remover

Skin AI can eliminate various skin imperfections, including acne, freckles, and moles. It can also smooth the skin, but make sure small details like hair and eyelashes are sharp, giving you a realistic look.
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Photo Wrinkle Remover for Ageless Photography

Here’s what you can tweak in the Skin AI tool:

• Skin Defects Removal AI. Select this checkbox to remove skin defects in a portrait automatically. If the Skin AI tool removes details you’d like to preserve, use the Edit Mask tool to paint them back in.

• Amount. This slider smooths the skin and removes unwanted variations while preserving texture and detail.

• Shine Removal. Excessive shine on the forehead or cheeks ruins an otherwise perfect photo. The Shine Removal tool generates realistic-looking skin to restore patches of the face that were washed out by excessive light. This slider adjusts the intensity of the Shine Removal effect.

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Remove People From Photos
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Remove People From Photos
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get wrinkles out of pictures with Luminar Neo?

You can do it manually by applying a mask and erasing, our you can use a photo editor for wrinkles like Luminar Neo that uses an AI approach to photo editing that helps you do the same task faster and easier. Luminar Neo’s Skin AI tool is perfect for the job!

Can I adjust the intensity of the wrinkle removal effect?

You can regulate the amount of the Skin AI tool, making your model’s skin more or less smooth. As for the Skin defects removal tool, you can only select this checkbox to remove skin defects in a portrait automatically. However, if the Skin AI tool removes details you’d like to preserve, use the Edit Mask tool to paint them back in.

Will the wrinkle remover tool work on all types of photos, including selfies and portrait shots?

Of course! As long as Luminar Neo’s AI recognizes a face in your photo, you can apply the tool.

Can I revert the changes made with the wrinkle remover?

Yes. Simply Undo the changes in the Edit tab.