Discount for military personnel, police officers, firefighters, and doctors

Military discount

Thank you for keeping the world safe and healthy. This special program from Skylum allows you to save 50% on a bundle with Luminar and Aurora HDR.

If you’re in the military or serve as a police officer, firefighter, or doctor, you qualify for this 50% discount. Please fill in the form below to verify your status and receive a 50% discount on a Luminar and Aurora HDR bundle.

Your name

Your .mil email address*

*We ask for your .mil email address to verify your military status. If you don’t have a .mil email or if you work as a police officer, firefighter, or doctor, please contact our support team via for your discount.

Who qualifies to get this special discount?

You qualify to get this discount if you serve or have served in the past in the military, police, fire services, or worked as a doctor. To get the discount, you must have a valid .mil email address or present the Skylum team with a copy of your ID that proves your status.

What happens after I click Verify?

Our system will analyze the data you’ve entered. If your data is verified, you’ll get a link to purchase the software. Keep in mind that verification won’t be successful without a valid .mil email address. If you don’t have a .mil email, contact the Skylum Support Team.

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