December 11 2023

Creating impact through storytelling

Ami Vitale is a new global brand ambassador for Luminar Neo

We're thrilled to announce the acclaimed photojournalist and filmmaker Ami Vitale as the newest global ambassador for Luminar Neo.

From her early work covering conflict zones to documenting humankind's devastating impact on nature in more recent years, Ami has approached every story with the utmost respect and sensitivity, urging us to push boundaries and make an impact. Much of her work has appeared in National Geographic Magazine, and she has received numerous awards, including from the World Press Photo Foundation and the National Press Photographers Association, among others.

Today, she documents extraordinary stories about people living on the front lines of war, climate change and extinction who refuse to let cataclysm define their future. Through lectures and workshops, she shares these tales of resilience, compassion, and the delicate dance between humanity and wildlife. She offers poignant insights into the heart of visual storytelling and brings her audiences on a transformative journey, exploring the profound connections that redefine our relationship with the planet.

To understand her perspective firsthand, watch our interview, where she shares her philosophy on photography and the stories she feels compelled to bear witness to.

For Ami, post-processing is where she adds the subtle finishing touches in order to capture the essence of every moment: "
"Luminar Neo helps me bring these stories and images to life in the way I experience them."

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Creating impact through storytelling

Anastasia Sliusarenko

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