April 02 2019

Luminar 3 earns TIPA award for “Best Imaging Software”

Skylum latest Luminar 3 release recognized for groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence tools, including AI Sky Enhancer, and consistent innovation.

BELLEVUE, WA - April 2, 2019 — Skylum Software today announced that it is the recipient of the 2019 Best Imaging Software award by the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA), citing the software’s simplicity in organizing, editing and enhancing images. The TIPA World Awards ceremony will be held on May 17, 2019, in Tokyo, Japan.

Luminar 3 is an all-in-one photo editor and management platform that enables photographers to harness both the power of AI technology and simple yet powerful and precise editing tools in their workflow.

“Simplicity in an image editor need not mean being limited to only basic effects and enhancements. Luminar 3 offers a raft of tools in an efficient workspace that offers numerous Looks (presets) as well as all that is needed by many photographers to get the best and most expressive results from their images,” reads the award citation.

TIPA applauded Luminar’s “sophisticated editing tools that allow advanced users to take a deeper dive into editing,” including its AI Sky Enhancer filter, as well as its over 70 default styles created by professional photographers.

Skylum also received the award for Luminar in 2017, and this year's award reflected the company’s commitment to consistent innovation and improvements. In addition, Luminar has received various other top awards, including those from Outdoor Photographer and the Lucie Technical Awards.

“We are so honored to be awarded ‘Best Imaging Software’ by TIPA for Luminar 3. It shows the power and uniqueness that Luminar 3 holds for photographers, offering a single interface for a photographer’s post-production workflow,” said Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum.

The AI tools recognized by TIPA were developed at Skylum’s AI Lab. Skylum invests in this nascent field to bring photographers the latest tools to help ease image editing headaches. With Artificial Intelligence, a single smart slider can do the work of several tools, saving time and enabling casual photographers to create pro-caliber images. By harnessing this technology, photographers can achieve superior results with a minimum of work. 

In addition to Luminar, Skylum is also bringing AI tools to the upcoming Luminar Flex, a plugin which will offer the editing power of Luminar to those who choose to stick with their current workflow. Moreover, the company’s new AirMagic software utilizes AI to evaluate aerial photographs, applying modifications to common drone photography problems like haze, low contrast, and undersaturation.

The continued efforts from Skylum into the AI space shows how photographers can utilize new and exciting technologies to create unique, creative photographs like never before.

“At Skylum, it’s our mission to create tools that photographers can harness the power of through AI, but leave the creativity in their hands,” said Tsepko. “We love seeing what photographers create, and this award from TIPA celebrates our tools just that much more.” 

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Luminar 3 earns TIPA award for “Best Imaging Software”

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