September 26 2022

New Focus Stacking Extension helps achieve the perfect focus

Introducing the next Extension for the Luminar Neo one-stop creative editing platform. Focus Stacking is a tool for combining photos with different focal lengths.

NEW YORK, NY – September 26, 2022 — The fifth Extension coming to the Luminar Neo editing platform is Focus Stacking, a handy tool for achieving a deep depth of field in a photo by merging (or stacking) up to 100 source images. Now, creating photos that are in focus throughout becomes much easier, whether you’re shooting macro photography, portraits, or landscapes.

Endless creativity with the one-stop Luminar Neo platform

Skylum is committed to developing Luminar Neo as a one-stop creative platform for photographers. HDR Merge and Noiseless AI are already available, Upscale AI and AI Background Removal have already been announced, and now the fifth Extension — Focus Stacking — has been revealed. Focus Stacking brings even more creative possibilities to Luminar Artists. Luminar Neo is becoming an app that contains a variety of professional tools for specific needs, helping photographers reach incredible results easily. The rapid addition of Extensions is proof of the infinite possibilities for adding future tools to the platform.

Deep depth of field with Focus Stacking

Thanks to Luminar Neo’s flexible new engine, it’s possible for Skylum to deliver Extensions while retaining high performance. Focus Stacking, the fifth Extension for Luminar Neo, is a professional-level AI-based tool that combines many images taken at different focal lengths to deliver a crisp result with a greater depth of field than in any of the source images, delivering sharp and detailed results. This Extension can stack up to 100 source images and automatically align and crop all of them based on the reference photo. Lens and chromatic aberration corrections are performed automatically for raw photos.

Focus Stacking is helpful for photos that have multiple points of interest that one needs to keep in focus: a beautiful panorama behind a person, the petals and the stem of a flower that are on different planes, a landscape with both foreground and background objects that need to be highlighted. Focus Stacking allows for an even depth of field across all parts of the image.

Extensions that meet photographers’ needs

The addition of Extensions is a natural continuation of Luminar Neo’s innovative problem-solving path. The following Extensions have already been released and announced:

●      HDR Merge helps you easily create HDR images from up to 10 photos

●      Noiseless AI reduces noise on grainy photos

●      Upscale AI upscales a photo up to 6x while retaining quality

●      AI Background Removal allows you to remove the background behind the main subject of your photo in a click

All Extensions are available for Luminar Neo subscribers, or with a one-time purchase of the 2022 Extensions Pack. It offers great value considering the number of high-quality AI tools.

The HDR Merge Extension has already received its first improvement, adding the ability to reduce chromatic aberrations. Chromatic aberrations, or color fringing, are a common problem in HDR photography caused by lens distortion, as the lens fails to focus all colors to the same convergence point. The result is fringes of color, which are particularly dramatic at high-contrast edges or along boundaries that separate dark and bright areas of the image. The HDR Merge Extension now reduces this effect, delivering better results and demonstrating Skylum’s commitment to the continued improvement of Extensions.

Regular free updates

Alongside constant releases of Extensions, Luminar Neo continues to see regular free performance and feature updates. The long-awaited Clone tool is already available to all Luminar Neo owners. It works by replacing unwanted or damaged pixels with pixels of your choosing. This tool is easy to use, allowing you to select a source (from which pixels are taken) and then paint those pixels to other areas of your image to cover up damage or blemishes.

Preorder for the best price

The Focus Stacking Extension will be released in November. Users can access it as part of a Luminar Neo Pro Monthly or Yearly subscription, or it can be purchased as part of the 2022 Extensions Pack. Pro Monthly and Yearly subscriptions are available now and include Luminar Neo and all currently available Extensions as well as all Extensions released during the subscription period. Additionally, there is a new affordable plan available for those who want to try Luminar Neo — the Explore subscription plan — that gives access to Luminar Neo without unlocking Extensions. By subscribing now, Luminar Artists secure the best possible price.


Find out the pricing for Luminar Neo here. Skylum is offering a money-back guarantee until the end of the year for the 2022 Extensions Pack. Focus Stacking works only as an Extension within Luminar Neo.

●      Luminar Neo is available in both the Microsoft Store and the macOS App Store.

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Skylum is a global imaging technology company focused on creating tools that make it easier to get things done. Luminar Neo brings you photos just as you imagined them with advanced AI-based technologies that still allow the artist complete control over the final result. Skylum has won the Red Dot Award, Apple’s Best of Year, Best Imaging Software by TIPA and EISA, as well as several other top industry awards. To learn more about Skylum, visit

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New Focus Stacking Extension helps achieve the perfect focus

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