December 13 2023

Streamlining Luminar Neo Offering in 2024

We aim to offer Luminar Neo users greater access to innovative photo editing features and generative technologies.

To achieve this, we are simplifying our offering by focusing on the Pro subscription, providing worry-free access to every new feature and update release. As part of this transition, we will stop offering add-on purchase options such as separate Extensions and Extensions Packs from December 26th, 2023, and the 2023/24 Creative Journey Pass from January 5th, 2024.Please note that we will continue offering Lifetime support and updates to those customers who are not willing to switch to the Subscription at this time, and all of you who have already purchased Extensions will continue having access to them. For most of you, these changes likely won't affect anything in how you use Luminar Neo. The main difference will be how you access the new Generative AI tools as well as the Extensions you have not purchased up until now - those will only be available in the Subscription, however, you are in no way obliged to switch if you don't want to, and can continue using Luminar Neo as before. The purchase of a Lifetime license for new customers will also still be available.For existing Creative Journey Pass holders, we have extended access to generative AI features (+ 4 months for free) until December 31, 2024, regardless of the purchase date of the Pass.

For more information about these changes, please refer to the Q&A section.

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Streamlining Luminar Neo Offering in 2024

Anastasia Sliusarenko

Head of PR&Communications

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