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Digital Photo Editing is the new world of endless photo-possibilities. Unlike the stereotyped photo-editing result that was king in the era of film photography, digital photo editing, today, offers a far more inexplicable and fascinating range of options and results. There never seems to be an end to what one can now achieve. I call it,” … the as far as your mind can imagine era”.

Environment and Interest: Key Requirements for Excellent Photo Editing and Creativity

As much as it is true that there isn’t an extent to how much one can achieve in the digital photo-editing domain, there are however some conditions that make it so –not conditions really… maybe more of a combination of deliberately created environment plus interest.

Here’s what I mean…

The keywords are “environment” and “interest”.

“Environment” here, refers to the photo-editing environment or workspace. That’s another way of saying, “your photo editing app”. The fact is, it doesn’t matter how much of a pro you are, if your photo editing tool is lame, then your results would be no better than an amateur’s.

The other is “interest”. Events have proven that creative photo-editing result is impossible without a good level of interest. It’s the foundation. Even if one was given the best photo-editing app obtainable, without a keen interest or flare for the technique, it’d amount to nothing.

While one cannot argue the fact that the advancement in photo-editing technology is increasingly making it possible, even for a novice, to create amazing photo effects, the bottom-line is that no one would want to sit in front of a computer to try their hands on a photo-editing app if it didn’t appeal to them in the least way. So, interest plays a key role. Even more amazing is how scientific findings have proven and even linked the connection between interest, persistence, and productivity –all directly proportional to one another; an increase in one, invariably resulting in a direct or geometric increase in the other, and vice-versa. So much to say on that…but we probably should leave it for the science professors.

Photo Editing Apps

A photo editing app can simply be defined as an app that can be used to edit, enhance or retouch images, and they vary in capability and versatility. The photography domain is filled with more than a handful of these apps. They include the popularly known CorelDraw, ACDSee Mac Pro, Skylum Creative Kit, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and several its alternatives.

I’d be dwelling more on ACDSee Mac Pro; its strength, perceived limitations, and the Skylum Creative Kit –an excellent alternative to ACDSee Mac Pro.

ACDSee Mac Pro

Time, we say, is money. Whether directly or indirectly, it is an invaluable resource that’s not very abundant in supply. The jet-age in which we live further emphasizes this fact –we all want things done more quickly and effectively so. The demand for speed in virtually everything we do is tremendous.

Using ACDSee Mac Pro for your Photo Editing Workflow

ACDSee Mac Pro, now in its 3rd iteration, provides users with an organized workflow that helps them keep track of their photos, many thanks to its in-built organizer. The app is easy to use, and highlights a range of photo-editing tools that are useful for basic photo enhancements. Some of these features include photo straightening, Crop, Rotate, Color Correction and more.

The app’s auto-scan-and-import tool is great for adding new files to your photo library from plugged in devices. These file-types include TIFF, PNG, PSD, RAW, JPG, PNG and PDF.

In summary, the app’s inclination towards providing users with effective photo editing tools is noteworthy. However, compared to other editing apps like the Skylum Creative Kit 2016 for example, ACDSee Mac Pro seems to have quite a long way to go if it’s to become an all-in-one creative photo-editing app.

ACDSee Mac Pro Shortcomings

The app has gone through a series of improvements through its upgrade over the years and has endeavored, within its capabilities, to provide users with its best possible range of editing tools. Nevertheless, one cannot ignore the fact its interface isn’t as intuitive as others. Furthermore, its geometry and color correction tools aren’t as effective.

Social media enthusiasts aren’t going to find ACDSee Mac Pro interesting; the app does not include any direct file-sharing feature –to social media, websites or email. It, however, has a Cloud feature for additional file storage or backup.

On the flip side, using Luminar image editor or an app like the Skylum Creative Kit 2016 could offer you limitless photo-editing possibilities in the most pleasurable way.

The Creative Kit 2016 (Skylum CK 2016)

The Skylum Creative Kit is a Mac-only photo-editing app. Unlike most photo apps, the software package is designed to offer you top-quality photo-editing-and-enhancement results in a pleasurable way. It is an all-in-one app that is designed to excellently meet and surpass all your photography needs as it relates to photo editing or enhancements. With the Creative Kit, your photos don’t just get a touch, they are transformed into fascinating masterpieces in moments.

Skylum CK is a single installation file that comprises of Pro versions of Skylum’s four consecutive years award-winning apps. They include Snapheal, Tonality, FX Photo Studio, Intensify, Focus, and Noiseless. These apps run as standalone as well as plugins to software programs like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, Apple Aperture and Mac’s Photos. 

With the Creative Kit, you have access to well-over 500 powerful, intuitive and highly efficient tools plus amazing in-built social sharing full-integration functionalities that allow for seamless file mobility in-between apps, for a fast workflow and maximum creativity.

You possibly couldn’t push these six apps to the edge. Their distinct functionality stands them out from the crowd, even among the best. From Intensify CK that accurately reveals your image’s true appeal to Tonality CK, “the world's most advanced black & white photo editor” and Snapheal CK that helps to intelligently erase strangers and unwanted objects from your photos, there’s no telling the endless possibilities that await you on the Creative Kit.

FX Photo Studio CK avails your photos of all the styles, looks and digital effects you could ever desire. Focus CK gives you stunning lens effects and controls that are comparable to that which were only possible with very expensive gears. With Noiseless CK digital noise is history. Irrespective of the state of your photo, Noiseless works on it and makes them look smooth and vibrant in moments!

Other Features

In addition to versatility, economics is one strong factor that comes into play when making the choice for a competent editing app. Thankfully, the CK 2016 offers so much more than it demands in exchange and opens you up to a whole new world of photo creativity and possibility that you never knew existed.


The Creative Kit is an epitome of both the present and the future of digital photo editing, and it’s worth every moment of your time.

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