Get the most from photo editing with the help of Affinity Alternative.

Serif’s Affinity Photo editor, popularly known as Affinity Photo, is a recently released editing tool for photographers and graphic editors. Though not the first from its developer, Serif, the image editor has been fondly described as “a toddler who has taken giant strides over the last couple of months since its debut.”

At first sight, the app’s functionalities seem to be on par with top photography apps like Photoshop, Skylum Creative Kit, Luminar and a few others. And the app has shown a remarkable degree of consistency and dependability as attested by its users.

If you already have Affinity and want to try Luminar (or you’re just curious about Affinity Photo alternatives, use this Luminar Free Trial).


A Closer Look at Affinity Photo

Affinity is a Mac-only app built from scratch to help handle a wide variety of simple to complex photo editing tasks. The editor comes equipped with lots of amazing features, tools and some Photoshop-like options that are quite tempting even to Adobe fans. Of all Serif’s existing apps so far, Affinity Photo appears to be the sleekest of them all, equipped with ultra-modern features and functionality.

Newbies are likely going to find the editor a little ‘unfriendly’ — particularly users who aren’t very familiar with a pro Photoshop-like interface; they’d likely have a hard time trying to find their way around Affinity Photo’s work environment. Nevertheless, what the app lacks in its ease-of-use (for beginners), it makes up for in its fascinating high-end features and customizable UI.

Compared to existing giants like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Corel Paintshop Pro (among others) — Affinity is pocket-friendly, costing much less than any of those above, while performing many of the same functions. It’s no surprise that the app has won the acceptance of a good number of users within the short period of its release.

Engaging Serif Affinity Photo Editor in your Workflow

Although possessing a slightly technical interface, the app is built to help you perform seamless photo edits, image retouching, and enhancements. It offers a handful of advanced tools that prove useful when perfecting complex images. Affinity Photo offers a lot more options than you’d find in a free app like GIMP — while providing basic functionalities that are comparable to relatively more expensive programs like Photoshop. It is important to point out that the app’s live-editing and performance speed is fantastic.

Affinity Photo gives its users a comparable Photoshop-like functionality while sparing them the monthly deductions and inconveniences associated with Adobe’s creative cloud monthly subscriptions.

The app’s set of modules is called ‘personas.' They are four in number – each having its own dedicated workspace with an accompanying set of tools and distinct mode of operation. These personas include Develop, Photo, Liquify, and Export.

Develop Persona handles Raw files pretty well. Its camera and lens support are impressive — as are its variety of tools that have been organized into Details, Basic, Lens, Overlays and Tones tabs. Depending on your taste or style of enhancements, images that have been edited using the Develop Persona can be further worked upon in any of the other three persons.

The Photo Persona, for example, has the Image Healing tools which aren’t obtainable in any of the other personas. The tools include regular Healing Brush, Context-aware Implanting tool, as well as the Blemish Removal, Patching and Red-eye removal tools, all for ‘intelligent’ image perfections. The Photo persona’s effects and alterations are available via layer adjustments which invariably means that they are completely non-destructive – from Vibrance and Brightness to Color Balance, White Balance, Contrast and the likes.

Of all four personas, Photo appears to be the software’s powerhouse. It’s also designed to auto-correct your image Colors, Contrast, Levels and White Balance details.

The Liquify persona helps to give your photos some amazing tweak effects and views like pinch, twirl, turbulence and more.

Having taken your photos through one or more of Affinity’s personas, the Export persona is equipped with a variety of outputting options that give you remarkable flexibility while helping you to quickly save your images or export finished them to other apps for further enhancement or use.

Skylum Creative Kit: A Perfect Alternative to Serif Affinity Photo

The Skylum Creative Kit gives you unlimited access to all the functionalities above, and much more — it’s in a beautiful world all of its own and comes ready for its users with intuitiveness and ease-of-use.

Skylum CK can be described as a mansion full of hi-tech gadgets, all driven by a great electric-power generating plant, with full remote-control options. It’s powerful — simplified.

The Kit comprises of Pro versions of six, 4-consecutive-year, award-winning apps which can all be accessed from a single file installation. The apps — Tonality, Snapheal, Intensify, Focus, FX Photo Studio and Noiseless — are incredibly powerful on their own. Combine all six apps, and you’ll have a highly efficient photo editing like no other.

From premium quality noise reduction to monochromatic edits, image perfection, healing, retouching,  photo effects, styles, and more, the Creative Kit can be used to accomplish just about any and every type of photo task in moments (whether or not you have any pre-existing photo editing knowledge or experience).

Another feature that makes Skylum CK absolutely qualified to be Affinity’s perfect alternative is its Plugin support. The Creative Kit is great as a standalone app, and as the plugin to host applications like Photoshop, Lightroom, Photos for Mac and others. The Kit’s file-extension support is versatile.

Unlike Affinity that lacks cataloging tools for keeping track of large projects, the Creative Kit’s organization tool seamlessly helps to handle all possible cataloging.

Economy wise, the Creative Kit is really affordable, compared to Affinity or any other photo editor (particularly when you consider the fact that it’s a six-extraordinary-app program).

And Luminar — A Powerhouse of Adaptability and Enjoyment

Luminar is the first professional photo app that’s out to prove — it doesn’t have to be complex to be the best. It replaces complex photo edits and makes image enhancements easy and enjoyable, providing professional photo edits for photographers of all skill levels.

It has an adaptable interface that molds to your own individual style — helping you to unleash your creativity. It presents over 70 professional presets for instantly stunning results. From layers to blend modes to texture overlays and powerful masking, Luminar offers over 300 high-tech editing tools and features adjusted to fit your skill level.

Experiment with things like the Golden Hour filter to easily add warmth and color to your photos.

Play with tools like Layers and Luminosity Masks to do wild things — like replace the sky. 

Try Orton Effect to give your photos an incredibly unique look — and allow enhancements like glow and focus to produce photos that can be both sharp and blurry at the same time.

Use Image Radiance to make all your portraits dreamy and Polarizing Filter to produce deep blue skies.

With Luminar, the possibilities are endless. It’s powerful, simple, and ready to revolutionize your editing process. 

Jump in without the learning curve and enjoy Skylum’s Luminar now on your Mac and PC.

Whatever editing software you choose, we hope it’s the perfect fit for you!

From all of us at Skylum, enjoy your editing process.