These Presets provide some very stylized looks for your photos.

Pink and Teal Preset - Image by Abba Shapiro

We’ve created a brand new preset pack, called Experimental. This package provides some very stylized looks for your photos. Some of the Presets included in this pack are Carbon Paper, Vintage Silk Screen, and Negativity. I invite you to download them and try them out.

Click here to download Presets

A few of the presets are rather extreme and work well for some images and not others. Remember, sometimes adjusting the blending between your original and the preset can give you a completely different feel. The whole idea for this month is letting yourself go a little and trying out new filters and really playing with the sliders. Keep experimenting, if you don’t like what you have created, the history panel lets you step back through your edits all the way to the original image.

I’ve process two images using two of the presets. The first example, Arizona Night Sky, uses the “Star Bright” Preset, which is great for astrophotography. It makes your stars shine brighter while keeping the black levels deep and rich. You'll be amazed at how many more stars you will see from your photos.

Before using the Star Bright Preset - Image by Abba Shapiro

After using the Star Bright Preset - Image by Abba Shapiro

The second example is a street shot of bicycles in Amsterdam. The “UltraSharp” preset gives this photo a surreal feel, sharpening the edges in the image while smoothing the colors. This preset works great on photographs with a shallow depth of field.

UltraSharp Preset - Image by Abba Shapiro

Vintage Silk Screen - Image by Abba Shapiro

Give these presets a try and share your results on our Facebook Page. We’re excited to see what you create.