Suzette Allen

Certified Professional Photographer, Approved Photographic Instructor

About the Author

Suzette has been a portrait artist for 30 years, and Photoshop instructor for 15 years, and more recently, a Hybrid/mirrorless instructor for 3 years. She helps photographers become well-rounded and skilled to become the next generation of image enthusiast; ones who are fluent in photographing stills and video, and capable using image editing software as well. She lives in Sacramento California with her husband Jon and has a small studio there, but they travel a lot, teaching and shooting everywhere they go, teaching and sharing along the way.

Author's publications:

Getting Creative with Textures and Presets

July 08 2017

Getting Creative with Textures and Presets

Get creative with Pro photographer Suzette Allen's informative guide to textures and presets for Luminar.

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