Have you ever wondered, "What is a good username for Instagram?" Your username is like your online name. It's the first thing people see when they find you on Instagram. A great username makes you stand out and tells everyone a little bit about you!

In this post, we're going to show you over 100 cool Instagram name ideas. Get ready to find the perfect nickname that's just right for you. Let's get started!

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Picking a great username for your Instagram is important. It's like your online nickname. We've put together over 100 username ideas and sorted them into different groups. Each group is good for different kinds of Instagram pages. Let's take a look!

1. Creative Usernames

These are fun and artsy names. They're perfect if you like to show off your creative side on Instagram.

  • Examples: ColorfulCanvas, QuirkyQuills, ArtsyAngles

  • Good for: Artists, crafters, or anyone who loves sharing creative things.

2. Professional Usernames

If you use Instagram for work or want to look professional, choose a name that sounds smart and serious.

  • Examples: ProTechTutor, HealthGuru, FinanceWizard

  • Good for: Business pages, experts, or people who share professional advice.

3. Personal Usernames

These names are great for your own personal Instagram. They can be about your hobbies, your name, or anything personal to you.

  • Examples: GamerGreg, CookWithCarla, DaveDoesDIY

  • Good for: Your own personal Instagram where you share things you like or do.

4. Fun Usernames

These names are all about being fun and making people smile. They're catchy and easy to remember.

  • Examples: GigglyPanda, SunshineSam, HappyHopper

  • Good for: Funny pages, entertainers, or if you just love spreading joy.

5. Unique and Trendy Usernames

Want to be really cool and up-to-date? These names mix trendy words with your own style.

  • Examples: UrbanExplorer, TrendyTravels, SnapStyle

  • Good for: People who love fashion, exploring, or always know the latest trends.

Good Instagram usernames tell people a bit about you. Think about what you want your Instagram to show. Do you want to look professional? Are you sharing your art or hobbies? Or maybe you just want a fun name that makes people smile. Choose a group that fits what you want to share on Instagram!

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Instagram UsernameSelecting From 100+ Best Usernames For Instagram To Take Your Account Beyond Basics | Skylum Blog(3)

Choosing the best IG username is a creative process that intertwines your personal or brand identity with a dash of creativity. Imagine a username that acts as a small window into who you are or what your brand represents. It should resonate with your personal flair or professional image and make a lasting impression.

To guide you through this process, we prepared some key points to keep in mind!

Reflect Your Personality or Brand

Your username should echo your personality if it's a personal account or your brand's ethos if it's for business. A playful individual might choose something whimsical, whereas a professional brand would opt for a more polished name.

Keep it Simple and Memorable

Choose a username that's easy to recall and spell. Avoid overly complicated words or excessive numbers that might make it harder for people to find and remember your profile.

Ensure Easy Spelling

A username that’s straightforward to spell aids in making your profile more accessible. The easier it is to spell, the more likely people will find you without difficulty.

Make it Appealing

Your username should attract the audience you’re targeting. Select words that resonate with your desired followers, whether that's in the realm of fashion, travel, or any other interest.

Plan for the Future

Opt for a username that can grow with you. Steer clear of names that could limit your future expansion or change in interests or business focus.

Check Availability and Be Unique

Before finalizing, make sure your desired username isn't already taken. If it is, try tweaking it slightly to maintain its essence while making it unique.

Remember, the journey to finding the perfect Instagram username is about balancing your personal or brand identity with simplicity, memorability, and appeal. Think of your username as your digital signature, a unique tag that you will be known by in the vast social media landscape. Give it the creativity and thought it deserves, and you'll land on a name that's not just a label but a reflection of your unique digital persona!

100+ Best Instagram Username ExamplesSelecting From 100+ Best Usernames For Instagram To Take Your Account Beyond Basics | Skylum Blog(4)

Creating the perfect Instagram username is all about finding the right mix of creativity and personal branding. We've put together a list of over 100 Instagram username ideas, categorized to help you find the perfect fit. Use these as inspiration or tweak them to create your unique digital identity!

  • @artfulmuse
  • @pixeldreamer
  • @sketchsoul
  • @craftycanvas
  • @visionaryvibes
  • @palettewhisperer
  • @brushstrokegenius
  • @creativecontours
  • @abstractaesthetics
  • @artisticaura
  • @doodledelight
  • @vividvistas
  • @canvaschampion
  • @masterpiecemaker
  • @designdazzle
  • @marketmaestro
  • @brandbrilliance
  • @digitaldynamo
  • @strategysavant
  • @corporatecrusader
  • @bizbrainiac
  • @industryinsider
  • @professionalpulse
  • @visionaryventures
  • @businessbeacon
  • @financewizard
  • @techtrendsetter
  • @growthguru
  • @corporatecaptain
  • @brandingbaron
  • @yogajourneyer
  • @plantparentpete
  • @bikerbella
  • @gamerguygreg
  • @bookwormbeth
  • @dancedevotion
  • @fitnessfervor
  • @chefcharms
  • @traveltalestom
  • @knittingninja
  • @puzzlepro
  • @foodiefanatic
  • @runningrogue
  • @craftingcleo
  • @photographyphoebe
  • @laughlover
  • @funfiesta
  • @quirkyqueen
  • @jollyjester
  • @sunnysmiles
  • @giggleguru
  • @happyhiker
  • @playfulpanda
  • @wittywolf
  • @cheerfulchimp
  • @bubblybutterfly
  • @sillysquirrel
  • @joyfuljourney
  • @mirthfulmoose
  • @chucklingcheetah
  • @trendtrailblazer
  • @stylesiren
  • @urbanutopia
  • @chiccraze
  • @voguevoyager
  • @glamglitter
  • @hipsterharmony
  • @fashionfusion
  • @modishmaverick
  • @trendytraveler
  • @voguevirtuoso
  • @urbanunicorn
  • @chiccharm
  • @stylesavvy
  • @fashionforward
  • @wildwanderer
  • @natureninja
  • @adventureawaits
  • @trailtrekker
  • @ecoexplorer
  • @wildernesswiz
  • @serenescenery
  • @mountainmaven
  • @forestfrolicker
  • @riverrambler
  • @skyhighhiker
  • @oceanodyssey
  • @naturenomad
  • @earthenthusiast
  • @cosmicclimber
  • @dreambigdiva
  • @aspireachieve
  • @positivitypilot
  • @goalgetter
  • @successstory
  • @ambitionace
  • @hopeharbor
  • @inspireignite
  • @motivatemore
  • @dreamdaredo

Each username on this list is designed to spark creativity and help you find the perfect Instagram handle that reflects your personality, interests, or brand identity. Whether you're looking for something artistic, professional, fun, or unique, this list has a variety of options to choose from. Feel free to use these as direct inspiration or as a starting point to create your own unique Instagram username!

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Selecting From 100+ Best Usernames For Instagram To Take Your Account Beyond Basics | Skylum Blog(5)
Selecting From 100+ Best Usernames For Instagram To Take Your Account Beyond Basics | Skylum Blog(6)


That's everything you need to know about picking a great Instagram username and making your profile look amazing. We've given you over 100 cool username ideas and tips to help you find the perfect one. Remember, your username is the first thing people see – it's like your online name card.

Also, using Luminar Neo's photo editing tools can make your Instagram photos look professional and eye-catching. This AI editor has awesome features for cleaning up and improving your photos.

Don't forget to check out our previous articles on how to change Instagram story background color and how to post multiple photos on Instagram for more tips on enhancing your Instagram presence. These guides are full of easy tips to make your Instagram even better!

Selecting From 100+ Best Usernames For Instagram To Take Your Account Beyond Basics | Skylum Blog(7)

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