Want to achieve the aesthetic attractiveness of the unknown and go beyond sharpness? Then experiment with the blur for photos. In our article, we’ll look at some techniques that will help you to master this style.

Blurred photography, when done right, is an art that mesmerizes with its enchanting and dreamy qualities. By intentionally embracing blurriness, photographers can create evocative and poetic images that go beyond traditional sharpness. It's a creative technique that allows for the exploration of motion, depth, and abstraction, transforming ordinary scenes into captivating visual stories. With the right composition and deliberate use of focus and blur, photographers can evoke emotions and invite viewers on a visually enchanting journey through their work.

With Luminar Neo, a basic photo editing software, mastering stylish blurred pictures becomes a breeze, no expertise required. Its user-friendly interface and powerful editing tools offer endless creative possibilities. Whether it's dreamy bokeh, artistic motion blur filter, or selective blurring, Luminar Neo empowers photographers to effortlessly bring their desired style to life, without the need for advanced editing skills.

In this article, we will delve into the art of mastering blurriness and how it unlocks the immense creative potential within photography. We will explore the techniques, tools, and concepts that empower photographers to harness blurriness as a means of artistic expression.

What is the Essence and Aesthetic of Blur Pictures

Blurred Photo Magic: Discovering the Enchanting Beauty Within | Skylum BlogBlurring is not just a happy accident caused by shaky hands or incorrect focus. This is an art genre that has been practiced by many photographers. It involves adding deliberate blur in any shape to the image. This happens due to the movement of the camera or the main object. 

You can make a photo blurry practically in any genre: portrait, landscape, food, and much more. The aesthetic appeal of this style is to create a visual effect similar to a symphony, where a combination of broad strokes, different shapes, and colors create a sense of ethereality and movement. The works of the Croatian photographer Olga Karlovac show that this effect also revives memories. Thus, always taking black and white photos with dark figures wandering around the city through rainy window glass, she conveys the idea that memories fade over time, but vivid emotions remain. You can repeat the same technique and even add live tones with a color changer for pictures

Experiment with Different Blur Photo Techniques

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How to create a blur effect? You can achieve this by the effective combination of the following techniques: 

  • Shutter speed. To get the desired effect, it is important to switch the camera to manual mode and play with different shutter speeds. 
  • Movement. Blurred dynamics in a photo can be achieved through deliberate camera movement or movement of a person, animal, or another object. Try both options by choosing the direction of movement that creates streaks, lines, and abstract shapes, resulting in a more harmonious appearance.
  • Selective focusing. This technique is perfect for portraits. When you focus on a certain woman, man, or child, you create a blurred background and a sense of depth. 
  • Lighting. Morning or dusk when the level of natural light is low is the best time to create a blur effect. Just use a slower shutter speed and begin to create. 
  • Colors. The combination of complementary colors in the image creates an unsurpassed blurring effect similar to paint strokes on a picture. 

By mastering these basic techniques and improving the results with AI photo editing with Luminar Neo, you’ll get the desired blur in your works, which will reach the hearts of many people. 

How to Approach the Blurring Photos Effect Creatively? 

Although traditional techniques provide amazing results, creativity has no limits. So fill free to experiment with unconventional approaches to this style that will make your blurred masterpieces unique. Below, we’ll consider some creative use of the camera for achieving desired results without filters.

1. Double Exposure 

Blurred Photo Magic: Discovering the Enchanting Beauty Within | Skylum Blog(3)In this technique, you overlay two or more images during post-processing with a photo editor, which looks impressive because of the original combination of colors, shapes, and textures. 

2. Using Panning 

Blurred Photo Magic: Discovering the Enchanting Beauty Within | Skylum Blog(4)Sat at a slow shutter speed and move the camera from left to right or vice versa, holding it in your hands or a tripod. This trick is great for blurring the background and showing a moving subject. You can also delete the background from the image and add another one when the editing process is on your computer. 

Do you want to focus on the background? Then keep the camera in a stable position and shoot when the subject moves. You can also include some abstract element that allows viewers to complete it in their imagination or with editing tools in post-processing. It can be leaves of trees, cactus thorns, or other abstract elements. 

3. Create Blur Pictures Using Light Instead of a Brush

Blurred Photo Magic: Discovering the Enchanting Beauty Within | Skylum Blog(5)Here you literally paint amazing blurry pictures with artificial light. All you need to achieve a great effect is setting a long shutter speed, a dark room or another place with low-light conditions, and a moving light source. This technique is perfect for shooting couple portraits, for example, brides during their wedding dance. 

4. Zoom Blur 

Blurred Photo Magic: Discovering the Enchanting Beauty Within | Skylum Blog(6)This technique has one incredible feature: it blurs the edges of the photo while keeping the center in focus, creating the sensation of the viewer moving through a tunnel. To achieve such an interesting effect, place the main object in the middle of the scene, turn on the flash by pointing it at the object, as well as zoom in on a scene while setting a slow shutter speed. When you try this technique, you can make a photo brighter, to get a full sense of this incredible effect. 

The Right Balance: When Blur is Useful and When is it Worth to Save the Sharp 

Blurred Photo Magic: Discovering the Enchanting Beauty Within | Skylum Blog(7)Blur is definitely a powerful tool. But you need to know when it is appropriate and when it is better to do without it. The choice between sharp and blurred effects depends on your creative idea, topic, composition, and emotions you want to convey. For example, if you want to show unique textures, patterns, or colors of flowers in your scene, then focus on sharp images which you can bring to perfection with an online photo editor. Choose blur when you want to convey nostalgia, a certain atmosphere, or a dramatic mood in the photo. 

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Such an artistic genre as blurred photography is an exciting tool and inspiration that helps you break the boundaries of sharpness, as well as convey certain emotions, atmosphere, or stories in an aesthetically pleasing way. By understanding the nature and aesthetics of blur, experimenting with different techniques, and practicing regularly, you’ll enrich your portfolio with mysterious, meaningful, and impressive photos. So, grab your camera and go on a photography journey to create masterful, blurry artwork! 


Why Blur in Photography Is So Attractive?

Blurred photos attract photographers with their mystery and fabulousness, as well as engage viewers to use their imagination to finish abstract details. 

How Can I Intentionally Create a Blurred Photo With a Specific Artistic Effect?

Just deliberately move the camera or make the subject move while taking a picture. This is the most common way to achieve the desired effect, which you can complete with photo editing. 

What Techniques Can I Use to Make My Photos Intentionally Blurry?

There are a few techniques to achieve a blur effect in the photo. You can set the camera to a wide aperture to get a nice bokeh on the background, apply a double exposure, use a blur zoom or play with light.

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