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June 07

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CorelDraw - is not the only program for drawing, creating illustrations, and editing pictures. Here is a list of 5 CorelDraw alternatives for designers, illustrators, bloggers, SMM managers, and others. Pick the one that is the most suitable for your needs.

CorelDraw is a vector drawing program with a pack of useful utilities such as Photo-Paint and Font Manager.

Thanks to AfterShot3 by Corel Draw it is easy to work with RAW images.

PowerTrace tool makes simple converting bitmap images into vector graphics. 

The ability to combine bitmap and vector graphics also extends into the program's drawing tools. CorelDraw includes a set of tools for creating vector graphics of various shapes. And, like many drawing programs, it also has a freehand tool that lets you draw by hand and then converts your sketch into vector graphics.

But still, Corel Draw has a lot of bad reviews and limitations. Users on Trustpilot think that program has the worst customer service, the support they provide is nothing, "It's the most buggy software ever", and more like that. 

We want you to feel comfortable working on your projects. That's why we made a list of Corel Draw alternatives. You will find more functional and simple programs that will make your daily routine simpler. 

1. Adobe Illustrator 

Software by Adobe is always functional but can be kinda hard to understand and learn for newbies. Learn more about Adobe’s Creative Suite, which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and it will help you to understand Illustrator. Each of these programs helps you to create different types of art and graphic design. Adobe motivates graphic designers to use all of them to achieve better results.

Illustrator works with vectors to create images that can scale to any size without a decline in quality, making it perfect for logos and banners.

Illustrator has all of the vector tools you need. This large set offers you the greatest freedom in creating any vector-based graphic design software. There are pen tools, brushes, the options to create custom brushes, and a lot of text tools to help make your designs awesome.

Although you can import images and use content-aware scaling in Illustrator, the program is not designed to make pixel adjustments to photos. This means the software doesn’t have filters, panorama stitching, tone, shadows and lights correction, noise removal, sharpness correction, and other a-la Photoshop features.

CorelDraw Alternatives Image1

2. Luminar 4 

Luminar 4 is not a vector photo editor, it is designed for post-processing images and can be used as a Photoshop plugin. Luminar’s interface would be quite clear for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. The program has changing custom panels like Exposure, Contrast, Sharpness on the right side and big workspace in the middle. You can work on different layers with each image. Luminar can be used both for basic and for more advanced editing. The program is perfect for retouching portraits, it is powered with AI tools that help to fix the skin problems, tone spots,

remove redeye, lip color improvement, facial contouring, etc..

Also, Luminar contains a lot of original and useful features, such as Golden Hour which makes picture tones soft and warm like during the sunset. 

CorelDraw Alternatives Image2

3. Stencil 

A Stencil’s slogan says that with this software you can create social pictures faster than ever. You can make a collage, diptych or a picture with lettering almost in two minutes. 

A Stencil is a good helper for SMM Specialists, Bloggers, and Content Managers. If you are not a graphic designer but you want your pictures to look sharp, use Stencil. The program offers a very simple and clear interface. The program includes a huge font and filter archives.

Add objects and texts, create banners and illustrations.

Stencil users rate Stencil’s customer service on 4.7/5.

CorelDraw Alternatives Image3

4. Inkscape

Draw freely with a program for designers of all kinds. 

If you just starting creating vector graphics it may feel a bit uncomfortable, but you will quickly be fascinated by the flexibility, and technical capabilities Inkscape offers. Vector design is the best technique of image creation for logos, illustrations, and art which require high scalability. The Inkscape application is used in different industries (web graphics, illustrating, cartooning, marketing/branding) and personal needs.

One of the most attractive advantages of Inkscape - it is free. And with a free editor, you get access to the designer's community where you chat and get your questions answered. 

CorelDraw Alternatives Image4

5. Autodesk Sketchbook 

Looking for a clear and simple drawing program? Check out the Autodesk Sketchbook. 

The software opens the possibility to draw on a computer as on canvas or paper - at least, the developers say so. Autodesk Sketchbook offers you a 100+ brushes library, which is impressive even comparing with Photoshop or Illustrator. Working with layers is also possible. 

The default interface is comprised of the following sections: Toolbar, Lagoon, Color and Brush Puck. Other options are Layer and Color Editor, and Copic Library.

The Toolbar contains many familiar options such as Undo/Redo, Zoom, etc, Some useful instruments for your drawings built into it, such as Perspective, French Curves, Symmetry, and Layers. 

CorelDraw Alternatives Image5

CorelDraw Alternatives for Basic and Pro Editing 

CorelDraw - is not the only program for drawing, creating illustrations, advertising banners, and editing pictures. Now you have at least 5 alternatives: free and not free, for professional designers and illustrators and bloggers.

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