All About Mac’s Default Image Editor

July 28

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Default photo editing options on Mac computers allow you to perform huge variety of tasks.

Apple’s Mac computers are some of the most popular image editing machines worldwide thanks to their stability and performance. However, what most people don’t realize is that when they buy a Mac, they’re also getting a pretty powerful image editor for free!

This app, called Preview, is a built-in photo editor for Mac computers that can be used for most basic corrections without spending a penny on a more capable program. More advanced photo editing programs, like Luminar, provide much more control but have to be downloaded and installed separately, which may not suit some users.

For such users, free online photo editors have been the way to go for a long time. But free online solutions also come with their own hassles. You don’t always have internet access to use an online editor, so it’s better to have something on your system that you can use anywhere. That’s the beauty of Preview, as it offers basic photo editing capabilities for free and is always available as a pre-installed program.

The basics of Preview

As its name suggests, Preview is mainly used to open images on a Mac. By default, every time you click on an image it opens in Preview. The only limitation is that Preview can only open compressed images and can’t open RAW files, unlike other software like Luminar, which has a RAW converter. You can also use Preview to transfer photos directly to your computer from a camera or even a scanner.

Other than for viewing photos, Preview also helps you edit images. Its Adjust Size tool is handy when you need to alter the dimensions of your photos. You can also apply custom dimensions to your images. The Resize Tool is helpful if you need to resize photos for a blog or other online publication. Resizing doesn’t affect your original photo, but rather makes a copy so that the original is always safe.

Preview is also useful for rotating photos, applying some filters, and even adding text.

Capability as serious Mac photo editing software

What makes Preview a more serious Mac photo editing tool is its ability to correct color and exposure. The Adjust Color tool has sliders that users can play around with to adjust the exposure and colors of their photos. The highlights and shadows controls are great to make sure that a photo isn’t overexposed or underexposed. These kinds of controls make this Mac photo editor a great free alternative to professional grade editing software for Mac if all you need is basic controls before posting your photos on social media.

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For professional photographers

Preview, while great for what it is, isn’t suitable for editing images on Mac professionally. For that purpose, Skylum’s Luminar is the best way to go.

Luminar comes with a beautiful and easy-to-understand user interface that focuses on making the software easy for beginners while still packing in all the advanced editing features that a professional could hope for. It can open RAW images from multiple camera manufacturers and allow you to edit them to your heart’s content. Packing in features like complete exposure control, color correction tools, noise reduction technology, and professionally developed presets and filters, Luminar is the best overall image editor for your Mac.

Another great thing about Luminar is that it can be used in tandem with another built-in photo editor for Mac, Photos, as an extension. This means you can keep using Photos for your basic editing and rely on Luminar as a Photos extension for all your advanced editing needs.

If you’re a Mac user and have been looking around the internet for the best basic Mac photo editing software to give your photos a little pop before you share them with your friends and family, you don’t have to look anymore. Just find Preview on your Mac and start editing the size, dimensions, orientation, color, and exposure of your photos.

However, if you do need something more advanced yet with a low price tag, RAW support, and amazing image quality backed by an intuitive design, Luminar is the way to go. Luminar isn’t only great for experienced photographers; it can help you learn photo editing on a whole new level because of its simple interface and automatic controls like presets and filters. If you’re ready to take the next step in your photo editing journey, give Luminar’s free trial a go and see for yourself.

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