Wildlife seems to be a separate world that lives somewhere far away from us. Bu tis that so?

William Burrard-Lucas is one of the best wildlife photographers who knows how to capture any species in their natural habitat. We had a chat with Will and asked him few questions about his work and his life and asked for some tips on taking pictures of animals. You'll be stunned by Will's photos as well as our little chat.

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1. Which day of your life is the most memorable for you? Did you capture it in your photos?

One of the most memorable days in my photography career was back in 2012 during the time I lived in Zambia for a year. I regularly visited South Luangwa National Park and spent a lot of time searching for the elusive African Wild Dogs. After several months I eventually managed to track them down and spent a wonderful morning with them. 

After taking some shots with my long lens, I decided to deploy  BeetleCam, a remote control buggy for DSLR cameras. The dogs’ curiosity was instantly aroused and they crowded around BeetleCam and the camera. I had always dreamed of photographing wild dogs from this perspective and  the resulting shots were exactly what I had hoped for.

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2. Has Rosie ever taken part in shooting? Will you teach her to shoot wildlife?

Rosie has accompanied me on two trips to Zambia so far, and although she is still a bit too young to pick up a camera, she loves all the animals! I will certainly teach her to have an appreciation of wildlife, and if she wants to I will, of course, teach her how to photograph wildlife.

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3. Your photos show there's something between you and those creatures. What's wildlife for you? Would you choose another path in photography if you had a time machine?

I have always been fascinated by wildlife, from insects to lions, and feel passionate about inspiring people to celebrate and conserve the natural world through my images. I love photographing wildlife and the challenges that come with it, so I would never choose another path in photography.

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William Burrard-Lucas is a UK-based photographer. He's the founder of Camtraptions, a father of a pretty little girl Rosie and a really talented person. To find out more about Will, you can visit his website http://www.burrard-lucas.com/about or follow him on Facebook.

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