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What Is iPhoneography, Anyways?

July 21

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From creative ideas to visual storytelling, there's a reason why the term iPhoneography is buzzing around (and the Skylum team's got it covered).

With the revolutionary rise of high quality images being taking on phone cameras, at this point, you’ve probably heard the term - iPhoneography. To put it simply, iPhoneography simply refers to the process of taking and editing photos on an iPhone. Since the release of Apple’s first iPhone in 2007, the photography world has come alive and grown excited by this new form of creativity. 

Turns out, that device in your pocket or purse just may be the most powerful camera you can buy. And the generations of technological improvements within that phone are starting to solidify this mobile idea. 

What Is iPhoneography, Anyways?

Today, photographers — amateurs and professionals alike — are leaving the house and closing the door with the same question: do I really want to carry my DSLR today? With that question in mind, we took a dive into the exploration of a few ideas as to how you can make those iPhone photos compete with their pricer equipment counterparts. 

To start, in all types of photography, the purpose is to tell some sort of visual story. 

Your small and easily portable iPhone camera gives you the opportunity to bring out the personality in the everyday moments. That phone is at your disposal — so use it — even if you at first feel hesitant. The moments like gatherings with friends for dinner and holiday get togethers with family give way to opportunities for capturing smiling faces, the food you’re eating, the cocktails your cousin is shaking up, the bow the family dog is wearing –– and it’s these fine details that can be captured with the quick click of your phone. 

To start, in all types of photography, the purpose is to tell some sort of visual story.

One of the best creative ideas to keep in mind is to keep things simple. 

Try not to overfill your photo with subjects. Keep your photos intriguing (perhaps — a tad mysterious) by focusing the attention on a single subject in a broad and simple background. Consider a rose petal against a white brick wall or your little one toddling along on the sand of an empty beach. Experiment with shadows and reflections or bright and interesting colors — the subject of a dark silhouette with the backdrop of a sunset horizon for compositionally beautiful images. 

One of the best creative ideas to keep in mind is to keep things simple.

The key is to explore with your eyes and be fearless with your lens.

Perhaps you’re standing on the edge of cliff with an expansive view ahead –– and there’s a tree or a part of nature that you may want to bring out. Focus on that, and allow the background to be the understated beauty that brings the audience in. With an iPhone, playing with depth can create an engaging image and bring your viewer into the scene.

And always capture the details.

Not only does the iPhone shoot wonderful portraits and wide angle shots with vivid colors, but that little lens has a unique ability to capture the finest details of macro shots. A close up photo of neon glowing leaf can turn into a whole world of vein-like vessels that fill a screen and become intensely intriguing. 

Consider the artistic angles.

Discover new ways to frame your shots by using artistic angles to capture your subjects in different parts of your frame. If you’re planning to crop, like square cropped images for Instagram, then keep this in mind: something like a caterpillar making its way into the upper right corner of the frame might be fun. And remember, you get to control where you place your subjects.

Consider the artistic angles.

Then, there are the extra add-ons.

Not only is the camera itself powerful, but there is a whole world of iPhoneography equipment add-ons — like lenses, mounts and adapters (such as Beastgrip’s product line) which allow you to attach your collection of professional lenses onto your phone. There are different pieces for lighting to help make it possible to shoot under all conditions at anytime, day or night. 

Then, there are the extra add-ons.

We mean it when we say that truly, the possibilities are endless. 

And the iPhoneography revolution is just beginning. 

When it comes to editing…

Another part of the iPhoneography production to keep in mind is the editing process. There are many different applications that help you enhance your photos in post-production and it’s up to you to discover which works best for your needs. 

But, above all — when it comes to iPhoneography — the most important thing to remember, is to get out there and snap away.

Have fun getting creative and exploring new ideas in the realm of visual storytelling. Give your memories your own unique perspective. 

And share them with the world.

Happy iPhone photo-taking,

From all of us at Skylum. 

When it comes to editing…

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