The Ultimate Guide for Beginners in Photo Editing

Course by Team Skylum, Vanelli
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The course covers topics from basic knowledge to professional-level tips.

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Transform theoretical knowledge into practical skills with sample photos.

What you'll learn?

In these 17 videos, you’ll discover the basics of editing, which software is better for which editing projects, how to edit different photography styles, as well as practice more efficient editing.



Vanelli, the Director of Education at Skylum and your instructor in this course, tells you what you can expect from the course.


First Insights Into Photo Editing: A Brief Definition

Find out the definition of photo editing, recognize its main aspects, and break down the photo editing process into stages.


Basic Principles of Photo Editing

Learn the main principles of photo editing and why they are important.


Top Reasons You Need to Enhance Photos

Analyze in what cases photo editing can be useful to improve your photos.


Advantages of Photo Editing for Your Business

Discover the advantages of photo editing for developing your business.


Most Popular Photo-Editing Software Programs

Get an overview of what you can do with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.


Photo-editing Apps for Mobile Phones

Explore smartphone editors like Picsart and Snapseed.


Next Level of Editing With Luminar Neo

Find out what advantages of editing your photos in Luminar Neo.


Black and White Style

Learn more about the black-and-white editing style and achieve it with Luminar Neo tools.


Natural and Soft Style

Grasp the natural and soft editing style, and practice editing with Luminar Neo instruments.


Artistic Effects

Discover the artistic style and incorporate artistic effects using Luminar Neo.


Matte Effect

Master the matte effect and recreate it using Luminar Neo features.


Editing tips for a faster workflow

Discover ways to make your photo editing workflow faster and easier.


Making Basic Photo Adjustments

Practice making some basic photo adjustments following Vanelli’s instructions.


Portrait Editing

Edit a portrait with Vanelli’s step-by-step guidance.


Landscape Editing

Try to incorporate landscape editing tips with Vanelli’s explanations.



Vanelli summarizes all major ideas of the course.


The Ultimate Guide for Beginners in Photo Editing by Robert Vanelli(3)

The Ultimate Guide for Beginners in Photo Editing

With this course, you’ll dive right into the fundamentals of photo editing, discover what software is out there, and learn to edit photos of different styles with practical lessons.



Photographer. Director of Education at Skylum

Apart from being a sports and portrait photographer, Vanelli is the Director of Education at Skylum. He teaches regular workshops on editing, writes for Photofocus and creates tutorials for the Vanelli and Friends series. Vanelli hosts regular Coffee Breaks and teaches photographers of all skill levels to create spectacular photos with ease.

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