Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum Software announces Tonality Presets for Luminar!

Every time I meet someone who owns Tonality for Mac, I hear about the incredible monochrome presets that Tonality has and Luminar doesn’t have. 

This is what I hear when I ask photographers about Tonality presets: amazing, shockingly good, inspiring, authentic, must-have, and so on.

For many Skylum users, the lack of these monochrome presets was the main reason not to use Luminar for black and white photography but to stick with Tonality instead (which is a legacy product). Well, from now on this isn’t the case anymore. 

Thanks to Skylum Product Manager Richard Harrington, who recreated every single Tonality preset as a Luminar preset, you can now enjoy over 170 authentic monochrome styles inside Luminar.

Image in the screenshot courtesy of Max Rive.

Here are just a few quick examples. I've used a photo by a good friend of Skylum, Caroline Madsen, who I believe is one of the best senior portrait photographers in the USA.

As you can see, the new Tonality pack for Luminar isn’t just about traditional black and white looks. It also brings different monochrome styles with vintage textures and overlays. Plus a dedicated Workspace to make your photo editing workflow even better. 

Click HERE to get the pack.

Here are instructions on how to install Luminar presets. 

And here is a link to the Skylum Photography page on Facebook. We look forward to seeing your images. I know you'll create something truly incredible using these new styles. 

All the best.