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How to do a side-by-side photo with iPhone & Android

April 20

14 min. to read

Greetings, dear readers! When it comes to photo manipulation in this blog, I usually talk about complex operations like creating seamless collages, moving or recoloring objects, etc. But there is not always a need to do something complicated, right?

Sometimes all you need is a putting two pictures side-by-side, for example. In 2023, this technique is most often used for Instagram posts and fully justifies itself. For example, a professional photo retoucher boasts a difference before-and-after in order to attract new customers. So do tattoo artists who correct old tattoos, restorers of vintage furniture, etc. In short, you may want to combine two photos side-by-side in a wide variety of cases. It's not difficult, but if you've never done it before, this article may help you get it right the first time. So let's figure out how to put pictures side-by-side.

What software to use to put two photos side-by-side?

Before we analyze a particular case, I would like to say that there will be no photos apps comparison here. Today there are hundreds (if not thousands) of third-party apps to put multiple photos and photo editing tools, and almost all of them help you put two photos. And since this is a standard and elementary feature, it simply does not make sense to say that some mobile app is better than other. The choice depends only on the amount you are willing to spend on purchasing the application, additional features the particular app has, and the tasks it should help solve. For the most part, you can just open the App Store/Google Play and buy the first one you like. Of course, some applications may be more convenient or just look better, but if you just need to place two photos, the steps to put two images side-by-side are almost always the same. Plus, almost all of these programs are easy to use so you can master any of them in minutes.

It is clear that further, I will consider specific software, but this is NOT the TOP of the best, and this DOES NOT MEAN that other applications are worse! I just want to talk about the tools I use myself and hope this will become a starting point for you and help you complete your task faster.

Also, I should say that I won't be talking about PC software here (well, almost). In 2023 it is vital to be fast, and mobile apps are clearly superior to desktop software, as you can use them at any second.

How to put two photos side-by-side on an Android phone?

So you want to place side-by-side some of your snapshots on an Android device. There are some easy ways to put photos. Let's explore them! 

Using Collage Maker mobile app

Since I started talking about mobile applications from the very beginning, I think it would be fitting to continue with them. 

In general, Collage Maker is a collective name for all programs of this type. This is very fortunate for me as the author of the article since I use a program that is called that. Banal naming, isn't it? However, this once again confirms my idea that such applications do not make sense to compare. Anyway, I use the third-party app, and I think that this is the best way, as it gives you the most scope for imagination. Even a primitive collage could be made creatively.

As I said, the principle of operation in all such programs is approximately the same. In my Collage Maker, it looks like this:

  1. On the main screen of the application, click the "Grid" or "Collage" button;
  2. Put checkmarks on two pics you want to make a collage with and press "Next" (a blue button appears at the top right corner when photos are chosen);
  3. Choose a collage template, the aspect ratio of the future image, and the thickness of the borders (you can do without them at all); by the way, if you use a border between photos, you can also set up an image background that fills these areas (for example, one of the many textured patterns, just some color, or even another image);
  4. In edit mode, collage sections can be changed independently; for example, you can drag, zoom in or out, apply filters, add text, etc;
  5. When the collage is ready, confirm the changes to merge the photos into one image; after that, you can also edit the finished picture.

Regarding the choice of a specific Android app, I recommend not using free programs. They will either have a lot of annoying ads, or the functionality will be cut down, limiting your choice. Personally, I bought Collage Maker for just a couple of dollars a year (I don’t remember the exact price anymore). It's pretty inexpensive, but it made it easy for me to create content for popular social media networks.

How to put photos side-by-side using Google Photos App

You can also use Google Photos to create a photo collage without buying any third-party apps. To do this, open the application. Your photos will be shown in a gallery. Tap and hold on to the photo you want to merge with another. To select the second one, just click on it when circles appear in the corner of your photo preview.

Then press the plus in the top right corner of your phone's display and select "Collage". The app will merge the two images independently without allowing you to adjust the photo template or border thickness. And this is the shortcoming I was talking about.

Using the Samsung Photo Editing Tool

If you own a Samsung Galaxy, you can also create a collage with the use of the built-in editor. Just open the gallery and select some photos as usual. Then click on the icon with three dots and select "Create → Collage". Samsung's built-in editor also allows you to customize the image layout.

How to create side-by-side photos using Layouts from Instagram?

Surprisingly, many users do not know how to put two pictures side-by-side on Instagram. This is done in the Stories creation mode, and such pictures will have a standard aspect ratio. However, just like the video from Stories, this collage can also be saved to your phone.

Click the plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen when Instagram is open. Then select "Stories" and click on the camera icon to create an instant story.

Tap the Layout icon before taking photos. You can take several photos at once for one story or select them from the gallery. The number of images will depend on the fixed layout (the default is four).

How to make side-by-side photos on iPhone without a third-party app?

If you have an iPhone, you can use it to put two photos together even without a third-party app. To do this, you will need the Shortcuts app. 

Open the app and tap the plus in the top right corner of the display to create a new shortcut on your iPhone's home screen.

At the bottom, you have a search bar. Enter "Select Photos". When the search is completed, next to the item "Select Photos" you can see a blue arrow. Touch it and activate the "Select Multiple" function.

Now back to the search bar. You need to find "Combine Images". Here you must choose how your images will be combined (vertically, horizontally, etc.). You can also adjust the spacing between photos if you like.

Last search: "Save to Photo Album". There will be no additional settings here.

You can rename your shortcut and customize the icon image if you like. When everything is ready, click "Add to Home Screen" and "Done".

Excellent! Our application is already on the home screen. Open it. Select the two photos you want to combine by checking their checkmarks. Now click "Add" in the top right corner of the screen. Your photo will automatically appear in the Photos app.

This is how to put 2 pictures side-by-side on iPhone with the use of the built-in features. However, please note that you will only have to be content with the settings you choose when creating the shortcut.

Want to get the true photo processing experience? Try Luminar Neo! 

Now you know how to make side-by-side pictures. It turned out to be quite simple, right? But why not go further? I suggest you check out great professional photo editing software. This is Luminar Neo, a program with artificial intelligence that allows you to quickly and efficiently process photos. Unlike Photoshop, which can take you years to master, Luminar Neo is straightforward, yet the program has all the same features and more.

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In addition to creative tools, professional tools will allow you to change the picture's exposure in any way to make it perfect.

Another exciting feature of Luminar Neo is a separate set of features for editing portraits with artificial intelligence: clear the skin, emphasize the expressive look, correct body proportions, and much more!

I can write for a very long time about all the benefits of Luminar Neo. And about the shortcomings... Well, they simply do not exist. In any case, it is better to see and try once than to hear or read a hundred times.

I hope my article on how to do side-by-side photos was exciting and valuable, and now you can create cool collages to surprise your friends and followers with top content.

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