Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Extensions Pack? What Extensions are included?

    At Skylum, we are committed to developing Luminar Neo as a one-stop platform for creative photo editing. Extensions are a natural result of our company’s vision for this product. 

    In 2022 we released seven Extensions for Luminar Neo:

    • HDR Merge has been available since July
    • Noiseless AI was released in August.
    • Upscale AI, AI Background Removal, Supersharp AI, Focus Stacking Extensions were delivered in November 2022
    • Magic Light AI was released in December.

  • What's new in Luminar Flex 1.1.0?

    1. Accent 2.0.  Enhance your photos in seconds with the power of Artificial Intelligence and let Luminar Flex do all the heavy lifting. Accent 2.0 is human aware and the perfect adjustment for EVERY photo.

    2. Filters catalog. With this new update, whenever you open your Luminar Flex plugin, the Filters catalog will be open by default.  It’s perfect to find your favorite filters, fast.  It’s also searchable by keywords and tasks, automatically learns from you with the Recent feature, and you can even mark your favorites!

    3. Improved Looks. Looks are one of the best things about Luminar Flex. Install them right from the plugin or extension and transform your images into works of art in minutes. You can check them out in the Looks browser, and you can download even more Look packs from our marketplace.

    4. Install custom workspaces. Now you have the option of using your own workspaces in the plugin or extension. Simply go to File > Show Workspaces Folder… and add your custom workspaces to this folder. Make Luminar Flex even more comfortable.

    5. Performance updates. We love our users and try to fulfill your requests in the best way possible. We’re constantly working to improve the overall performance of Luminar Flex with every update. Enjoy the best version of Luminar Flex ever.

  • Will the Supersharp AI Extension receive more options?

    At Skylum, we take user input and testing seriously. During beta testing, we discovered that the experience with some of the options in Supersharp AI was not up to our standards.

    Therefore, we decided to put these options through additional refinement procedures so that you get the best tool in the end. The improvements will be available for all Extension owners for free in future updates.

  • What is the Luminar Flex plugin?

    The Luminar Flex plugin helps photographers and designers of all skill levels create better looking images in far less time. Thanks to its unique artificial intelligence and image aware filters, great images are easier than ever.

    The Luminar Flex plugin allows you to take advantage of our powerful photo enhancement and styling filters while still being able to use your existing photo software.

    We know that there are plenty of Adobe and Apple users who want to use Luminar in their workflow. So we’ve come up with a solution that will provide the easiest way of using Luminar as a plugin to the most popular apps.

  • What is the Noiseless AI Extension? How is it different from the Denoise tool in Luminar Neo?

    Noiseless AI is an AI-based pro-level Extension for Luminar Neo that reduces noise in your images. It works with raw and non-raw image formats, but the best results can be achieved with raw photos.

    Thanks to Noiseless AI, you no longer have to compromise on ISO when capturing photos. Based on deep photo analysis, Noiseless AI determines an image’s noise level and suggests one of three noise reduction presets – low, middle, or high. Now there’s no need for meticulous close-ups to evenly mask a noisy area, as one click gets rid of noise throughout the photo. 

    Additionally, you can change noise reduction levels manually with three sliders at your disposal: Luminosity, Color, and Details.

    The algorithms built into Noiseless AI open the door to higher-quality results while leaving you in full control.

  • How can I convert my lifetime license to a subscription?

    In 2022, Luminar Neo has reached its full potential and become a platform. Therefore, we’re not releasing a new version but will keep bringing improvements to the existing product. 

    If you have already purchased a lifetime license for Luminar Neo and want to get a subscription now, we offer the biggest discount for you. 

    You will get immediate access to all updates or new Luminar app versions during your subscription period. With the Pro plan, you will also gain access to all currently available Extensions as well as Extensions released during your subscription period. 

    You can redeem your subscription discount here.

    When you switch to the subscription plan,  you can continue using your current installation and access the Extensions menu inside the app.

    Just make sure to keep your software up-to-date by clicking Luminar Neo > Help > Check for updates (on Windows) or Luminar Neo > Check for updates (on Mac).

    The transition process is seamless and helps you retain all the previously made editing progress.

  • What’s the difference between Luminar 3 and Luminar Flex?

    Luminar 3 is meant to be used as a standalone application. It offers three different editing workflows:

    • Library – Add folders that you want to track to your library for organizing and editing.  Easily sync adjustments between multiple images.
    • Quick Edit – The Quick Edit command is perfect to open individual images or a group of images for editing.  You can work with these images without adding the parent folder to your library.
    • Batch Processing – You can target multiple images or folders for quick batch processing.  Easily apply smart Luminar Looks based on Accent AI for automatic image enhancement

    If you ever want to use Luminar as a plugin, we recommend installing the Luminar Flex plugin. Luminar Flex is designed to work as a plugin with applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Apple Aperture and Photos for macOS.

    Remember: If you have purchased Luminar 2018 or Luminar 3 before April 5, you get a free version of Luminar Flex in your Skylum Account when it ships 
  • I get an 'OpenGL 3.3' version error.

    Luminar 3 requires a graphics card that supports OpenGL 3.3. If you’re using a laptop, make sure you run Luminar on a discrete card. Refer to the laptop’s manufacturer for detailed instructions. If your card supports OpenGL 3.3, try fully reinstalling drivers for all graphics cards on your computer. Make sure to download drivers from the card manufacturer’s website.

  • Can I add folders and photos from Cloud Storage?

    Luminar lets you add folders from cloud storage locations that are synced to your computer.  In this case, synced means that a physical copy of the photo resides on either your internal or external hard drive.  If only a reference copy of the photo is located in the cloud storage photo, Luminar will not be able to create a thumbnail or be able to edit the image.  

    Adding folders from synced cloud storage is very useful in situations where a client or family member adds images remotely to a cloud service server. Once these images are synced locally to your computer, Luminar automatically adds them to your Library. 

  • How do I import my Apple Photos library into Luminar 3?

    Check out this video for instructions on how to import your Apple Photos library into Luminar 3.

  • I ran Luminar for the first time and there's no Next button in the welcome screen (Windows)

    On Windows 8 / 10:

    1. Close Luminar.
    2. Right-click any empty space on your desktop > Display settings.
    3. In the window that opens, set the Change the size of text, apps, and other items dropdown to 100%.
    4. Start Luminar 3 and finish the setup wizard. You can safely change the display scaling back to its initial value after this.

    On Windows 7:

    1. Close Luminar.
    2. Click the Start button.
    3. Type Display in the Search box.
    4. Click Display in the Control Panel section of the results.
    5. In a window that opens, set the scaling value to 100% and check if you can see all the controls in Luminar.

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