Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's new in the next mid-December update?

    We’re excited to bring you another update to Luminar 2018 on December 18 that adds new functionality and speed to both the Windows and Mac platforms.

    This free update brings the following new and improved features to improve your Luminar editing experience:


    • Work faster. Luminar can now launch more quickly.  Plus you’ll see a faster-editing performance and better RAM usage.
    • Save Native files. Be sure to save your editing projects in the new native Luminar format.  This makes it easy to come back and edit later. Plus files can be shared between Mac and Windows users.
    • Clone & Stamp released. Remove objects and blemishes with ease!
    • LUT Mapping. Any LUT you’ve chosen can now be stored to a preset with no need to link to the original .cube file.
    • More export control. You can choose to export to the Adobe RGB wide color profile or the ProPhoto space on export. You can also sharpen an exported file which is great for printing.
    • Better masking controls. Users can adjust both the feather and density controls on a mask to refine the blending of layers. When editing a mask, a user can also press the X hotkey to toggle between Paint/Erase brush mode.
    • More editing control. Now even more raw formats can be edited natively with our RAW Develop filter.  All filters also support advanced blending mode options as well.


    • Work faster. We’ve improved compatibility with OS X 10.10, 10.11 support. The Histogram also updates in realtime. Users will also enjoy Performance and RAM usage improvements. When editing press Cmd+L to quickly access the Filters list as well.
    • RAW image improvements. Luminar does a better job of detecting noise in a raw file and automatically fixing it when you open to a photo.  DNG file support is also improved for easier editing. Plus even more raw formats can be edited natively with our RAW Develop filter.
    • Improved workflow with other applications. We’ve addressed several small bugs reported when working with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Lightroom, and Photos for Mac.
    • Better batch processing. A streamlined user interface makes batch processing even easier to fix multiple photos at once. Additional improvements also made to address user-reported issues.
    • Improved Native files. Save your editing projects in the native Luminar format which makes it easy to come back and edit in the future. Plus files can be shared between Mac and Windows users.
    • LUT Mapping. Any LUT you’ve chosen can now be stored to a preset with no need to link to the original .cube file.
    • More plugin support. Luminar can also use Topaz plugins within the Luminar editing workflow.
    • Improved exports. Photos can now be exported to SmugMug for online sharing.  The Sharpen on Export filter is also improved for crisper images.
    • Better masking controls. Users can adjust the density controls on a mask to refine the blending of layers. When editing a mask, a user can also press the Backspace hotkey to reset gradient/radial mask drawing.

    New Cameras Added

    The following new cameras are supported by this recent update: Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 8 Plus, Apple iPhone X, Canon EOS M100, Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL, GoPro FUSION, GoPro HERO6 Black, Hasselblad A6D-100c Leica CL, Light L16, Panasonic LUMIX DC-G9, Sony RX10 IV (DSC-RX10M4),Sony A7R III (ILCE-7RM3).

  • What is Luminar?

    Luminar 2018 is a full-featured photo editor for Mac and PC. It brings over 300 robust tools and features, including fast RAW support, layers, custom brush for selective editing, masking, dozens of photo filters with custom adjustments, presets and a lot more.  And, in 2018 we’ll introduce an image organzation tool and browser that will let you fully manage your photo library.

    Luminar 2018 also brings an innovative user interface, that photographers can adjust/customize based on the style of their photography, skill level and preferences. This makes Luminar a highly personalized photo software tool, suitable for photographers of all skill levels.

  • What’s new in Luminar 2018?

    Here is the list of new & improved features of Luminar 2018:

    New and Improved UI

    UX improvements

       Expand/Collapse for Filter

       Better Masking Tools for filters

       Ability to set precise amounts for sliders

       Sliders fine-tune ability

    Improved RAW engine

    Lens Corrections

    Transform Tool

    Better Color handling

    Better RAW noise reductions

    Improved RAW sharpness

    Perfomance improvements

    New Filters

       Brilliance / Warmth

       Hue Shift

       Sun Rays

       Dodge & Burn

       LUT Mapping

    Old filters Improvements

       Split Toning



       Bi-Color Toning

       High Key

       Image Radiance

    Real Time Denoise Filter

    Export Sharpness enhanced

    Ability to save filter masks into the preset

    Plugins from Adobe Photoshop Support

  • What makes Luminar so special?

    Well...many things actually. Luminar is built around the idea that all photographers are different, but everyone wants the same - to make beautiful photos. That's why Luminar combines powerful tools and innovative approach to organizing the photo editing workflow.  Everyone can adjust Luminar to his/her liking, and make it as powerful as he/she needs.

    The Luminar UI brings several modes, designed for basic image fixing, photo enhancement with presets, advanced editing with histogram and layers, and more.

    The workspaces in Luminar allow users to get quick access to the tools suitable for a certain type of photography. For example there are B&W, Portrait and Street Workspaces, that feature color controls and adjustments that are best for B&W, Portrait and Street Photography.

    The key photo tools include:

      Over 50 one-click presets and the possibility to create custom presets

      Over 38 image enhancement filters suitable for all photo styles

      Batch processing

      Lens Correction tool

      Powerful, stackable layers with blend modes

      Extensive brushes and selective masking system

      Texture overlays

      Raw and PSD support

      Noise reduction and Object removal tools

      Plug-in and Extension support

      Luminar brings both the power to create beautiful photos, and the simplicity to inspire you to experiment more with the post-processing. It is designed to adjust to your style and satisfy your needs, and this what makes it so special.

    • What's the difference between the previous versions of Luminar and new Luminar 2018?

      Luminar 2018 is the latest version of Luminar. For a feature-by-feature comparison, please visit:

    • I have PC and Mac. Can I install Luminar 2018 on both devices?

      We know that a lot of people have several computers in use, so Luminar 2018 may be installed on up to 5 devices (both Mac and PC) owned by the same person. You’ll simply need to use a single email and a single activation code.

    • What is the difference between Luminar 2018 for Mac and PC?

      At the time of launch, there will be several features and tools that will differ between the Mac and PC versions. The Mac version will contain the most complete feature set available in Luminar 2018. For a feature-by-feature comparison, please visit:

    • What are the system requirements for Luminar 2018?

      Luminar 2018 Mac Technical Requirements

        Apple Mac devices: MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac mini

          Processor: Intel 64-bit Core 2 Duo or better from late 2009 or newer

            Memory: 4 Gb RAM or more

              OS X: High Sierra 10.13, Sierra 10.12.6, El Capitan 10.11.5, Yosemite 10.10.5

                Hard disk: 2 Gb free space, SSD for best performance

                  Display: 1280x768 size or better

                  Luminar 2018 Windows Technical Requirements

                    Windows-based hardware

                      PC with mouse or similar input device

                        Direct X 10 compatible Graphics Cards or better

                          Processor:Intel Core i3 or better

                            Memory: 4 Gb RAM or more

                              OS X: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit only)

                                Hard disk: 2 Gb free space, SSD for best performance

                                  Display: 1280x768 size or better

                                • Does it handle RAW files?

                                  Luminar 2018 RAW processing is based on our own powerful RAW engine. We regularly update our library and make our own improvements to provide perfect support for new cameras.

                                  You can check the full list of supported cameras here:  

                                • Does Luminar 2018 have a DAM platform?

                                  We're working on a fantastic digital asset manager ("DAM") which will work like magic with the hard drives you already own and with any cloud storage platform you want to use. You’ll even be able to run it along with your LR library to compare both DAMs side by side and choose the one that works best for you.

                                  This feature will be added to Luminar in 2018, and will be a free update to everyone who owns Luminar 2018. We know that there are many companies who try to convince you to move from Lightroom, but we want to ensure we get it right and provide you with a tool that you’ll enjoy and use every day. We'll be releasing more details soon.

                                • Does Luminar 2018 have a Lens Correction tool?

                                  Yes, a powerful Lens Correction tool is available in the Mac and PC versions of Luminar 2018.

                                • Will Luminar 2018 work as a plug-in?

                                  Yes, the Mac version of Luminar 2018 will work as a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements and Apple Photos and Aperture. It will also let you export images to social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr; share photos to gallery sites like SmugMug and 500px and export to Photos for Mac and other Skylum applications that are part of Creative Kit 2016.

                                  The PC version of Luminar 2018 will work as a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Photoshop Elements support will be added in an upcoming update. Also, you will be able to export images to Facebook and Twitter. More social media outlets will be added soon.

                                • What languages are supported?
                                  Luminar 2018 for Mac is available in English, German, Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, and Korean. Luminar 2018 for Windows is available in English only. More languages are coming soon.
                                • What is a LUT? Can I use LUT files in Luminar 2018?

                                  A LUT (Look Up Table) is, in essence, is like a preset. It is a modifier based on a mathematical formula between two images – the original image and the displayed image. A LUT can also be used creatively to impose a specific ‘look’ on a source image, such as creating a high contrast or bleach-bypass look.

                                  Yes, you will be able to use LUT files in a brand new Luminar 2018 on Mac and Windows.

                                • What is the difference between Luminar & Creative Kit?

                                  Creative Kit is a collection of plug-ins that are dedicated to specific tasks: Tonality - B&W processing, Snapheal - object removal, etc. At the same time Luminar is a universal all-in-one photo editor, that takes the best from Creative Kit and other software, and adds new tools and technologies.

                                  Luminar was created to become a one stop solution for a wide range of photographers. Eventually, Luminar should replace your Creative Kit or any other photo editor that you currently use.

                                  At the same time Luminar is fully integrated with Creative Kit apps, so you can easily export your picture from Luminar directly to any of the Creative Kit plug-ins. And we are also working on adding a support for external plug-ins to Luminar.  

                                • What is the difference between Aurora HDR and Luminar?

                                  Aurora HDR is dedicated to only one photography style - HDR photography. And it is the world’s most advanced photo software for this kind of photography. Luminar is a universal photo editor, designed to perform a wide variety of image editing tasks.

                                  Luminar might look familiar to Aurora HDR but offers everything else you need in one app. So if you want perfect HDR results, then nothing beats Aurora HDR. And if you want to get perfect portraits, landscapes, aerial photos and more - you should get Luminar 2018.

                                • Why is it beneficial to pre-order Luminar 2018?

                                  When you pre-order Luminar 2018, you get the software at a special price + you will get fantastic bonuses from photo industry leaders!

                                  What is included?

                                  • A pack of signature presets & textures from a Pro photographer Nicolesy.

                                  • An exclusive pack of LUTs.

                                  • 1-year Power plan from SmugMug ($72 value). For new accounts only.

                                • I have a previous version of Luminar. Do I qualify for a special upgrade price?

                                  Sure! All current owners of Luminar can upgrade to Luminar 2018 for an exclusive upgrade price.

                                  Here is the link to the upgrade page:

                                • I am a beta tester of Luminar for Windows. Do I qualify for an additional discount?

                                  Sure! All beta testers of Luminar for Windows can get an additional discount during the pre-order.

                                  Follow this link to get your special price:

                                • What's the difference between the Public Beta version of Luminar for Windows and new Luminar 2018?

                                  The Public Beta version you used was in the final stages of development. The final product includes many more features and functions than what you saw in this test version.

                                  Here is the list of new & improved features of Luminar 2018 in comparison to the Public Beta version:

                                  New & better RAW processing engine

                                  Advanced real-time noise reduction

                                  Advanced Structure

                                  Brilliance filter

                                  Dodge & Burn

                                  Dedicated Raw Develop filter

                                  Lens correction

                                  LUT (Lookup tables) support

                                  Matte filter

                                  New brush modes in layers

                                  New user interface for faster workflow

                                  Sun Light Rays filter

                                  Adaptive User Interface

                                  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic plugin support

                                  Adobe Photoshop plugin support

                                  Eraser (Object removal)

                                  Blend modes for layers

                                  Noise reduction tool

                                  Whites & Blacks adjustment

                                  Dedicated presets for DJI drone photos

                                  Improved user experience

                                • Is there a money back guarantee?

                                  If you purchase Luminar 2018 from, you can return the software within 30 days and get a full refund. You must present proof of purchase and any other materials as requested by the Skylum Team.

                                  If you purchase Luminar 2018 through one of the partners or authorized resellers, you must obey the terms and conditions of that partner or authorized reseller. In this case, refunds are made through the partner or an authorized reseller.

                                • What will happen to Luminar Neptune?

                                  No worries! We will continue to support Luminar Neptune and make sure it will be compatible with new Mac operating systems.

                                • Will I be able to use my presets from Luminar Neptune in the new version?

                                  Yes, you will! You can find a plenty of presets here:

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