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Flawless Cut-Out Image

Cutting out a photo allows you to isolate the main subject or object in an image from its background. Cut out pictures when you want to place the subject on a different background or use it in a design without other distracting elements

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How to Perfectly Integrate Cut-Out Images?

Using Layers in Luminar Neo, you can integrate your photo cut-out on any background you want! Move the background and the image you’ve cut out however you want, creating epic compositions.
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Image Cutout Transformative Impact on User Engagement

Luminar Neo is the perfect cutout photo editor for you because it allows you to automatically remove the background behind one or multiple subjects in your photo using Background Removal AI. 

Achieving Pixel-Perfect Precision With Photo Cut-Out Tool

In some cases, the background of a photo might be cluttered or distracting, affecting the overall quality of the image. Using an image cutter tool and removing the background can enhance the clarity and focus on the main subject.
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Image Cutting Tool for Elevating Your Content Beyond the Basics

Automatically remove the background behind one or multiple subjects in your photo using Background Removal AI, which can detect the main subject and up to nine types of other elements in your photo, and you can select which ones to keep. 

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Select an image: click the Edit tab

• Layers Properties: select the Masking tab and choose Background RemovalAI

• Selection: Select the chosen main object or choose from additional elements found in the image.

• Remove the background: Click “Remove” to initiate the Background Removal process. Luminar Neo will remove the image’s background, revealing a transparent checkbox background.

Click Refinement Brush for additional finetuning: A Transition Mask will appear, highlighting Transition in a white checkerboard pattern, Object in orange, and Background in blue. Select a brush and apply it to refine each section.The final image will appear with a transparent background.

Use Layers to add a new background and move the layer to the bottom of the Layers palette. This will reveal the image on a new background.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to cut out pictures with Luminar Neo?

Luminar Neo allows you to do an AI cutout, which means that you can remove the background and cut out your image using the power of AI. Simply head over to Layers and find the Background Removal AI  tool. It’s easy!

Can I adjust the precision of the cut-out image tool to get more accurate results?

Yes, the Background Removal AI tool has a refinement brush for you to make more accurate selections.

What file formats are supported for the images I want to cut out?

Any image supported by Luminar Neo will do just fine!

Does the cut-out image feature work well with complex backgrounds?

As long as your image has discernable subjects, it doesn’t matter how complex your background is. Background Removal AI will easy detect, select, mask up, and cut out the subject or subjects for you.