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Get Rid of Curved Images with Lens Correction

Correct curved or distorted images caused by certain types of lenses. Barrel distortion and pincushion distortion are common types of distortion that can be corrected using lens correction features

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How to Achieve Professional Results with Lens Distortion Correction?

Employ reputable photo editing software like Luminar Neo, which has robust lens correction modules with precise controls for distortion correction.

Then, by moving the Amount slider, you can adjust the amount of blur in the background, creating a perfect portrait in seconds.
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Why Opt for Our Image Distortion Tool Feature to Transform Distorted Shots?

Luminar Neo has an array of tools, both automatic and manual, to carry out optical corrections in distorted shots. Enhance your image and remove lens imperfections with ease.

The Power of Clarity and Precision

Use the Optics Auto Corrections in the Develop tool for your raw photos. You can use such controls:
- Auto Distortion Corrections (RAW only)
- Auto Fix Chromatic Aberrations (RAW only)
- Auto Defringe, to remove halos and edge noise (particularly in high-contrast areas).

Correct lens distortion easily!

Enhancing Images Through Skillful Photo Distortion Correction

As for the Optics Manual Corrections, here are some controls you can apply:

• Lens Distortion. Drag this slider to the left to widen the barrel shape of the lens. Drag it to the right to pinch the barrel shape and compensate for lenses with wider angles.

• Devignette.
This slider removes any darkening at the edges of an image caused by the lens itself. This is a corrective tool, not a stylizing tool. If you want an artistic vignette, be sure to explore the Vignette tool.

• Devignette Midpoint.
This slider refines which areas are brightened or darkened by the Devignette slider.

• Transform.
If your image needs to be scaled or transformed, use the Transform sliders to adjust perspective distortion manually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the lens correction feature with Luminar Neo?

Head over to the Develop tool and find the different features you can use to correct any imperfections with your lens, depending on the result you’re looking for!

What does lens correction do?

Lens correction refers to a photo editing technique for removing various optical imperfections and distortions introduced by camera lenses. It can include correction of distortion, chromatic aberrations corrections, vignetting and perspective correction, and others. Use it to improve image quality by rectifying common issues caused by the lens's characteristics. Here are the primary aspects that lens correction addresses.

Is image distortion correction a manual or automatic process?

Depending on the tools you use, it can be done manually or automatically. Explore your image distortion correction options in Luminar Neo.

Can image distortion correction be applied selectively to specific parts of the photo?

Sure, you can use Layers and masking to apply your adjustments locally.