October 05 2021

Luminar AI is ready for Windows 11 and the new Microsoft Photos app

Skylum is bringing Luminar AI to the new Microsoft Store on Windows, helping Windows users take advantage of the artificial intelligence and machine learning performance in Windows 11 to empower their photo editing.

NEW YORK, NY — October 5, 2021— Skylum is excited that LuminarAI is now available in the new Microsoft Store on Windows and is fully compatible with Windows 11. The Luminar AI app builds upon artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) optimizations in the Windows 11 platform, and Skylum has been working hard to leverage those capabilities into a great user experience for its Windows customers.

A primary goal of LuminarAI is to help all people create photos they love. While many advanced hobbyists and professional photographers find AI assistance to be helpful for accelerating their workflows, the use of artificial intelligence in LuminarAI also empowers a wider audience to get amazing results from their photos – and even have fun in the process!

“With LuminarAI, we’ve brought an entirely new, non-conventional approach to the world of photo editing, focusing on the results instead of the process,” said Ivan Kutanin, CEO of Skylum. “We’re truly excited to help as many people as possible create photos they’re proud of.”

The Skylum team is a firm believer in removing barriers and friction around creating great photos. That’s why they’re pleased to offer an enhanced experience for Windows 11’s new Photos app, which puts creative editing just one click away. The new Photos app on Windows includes an updated photo editing toolbar for quick access to external photo editors – and LuminarAI supports this feature at launch. 

LuminarAI was showcased during this summer’s Windows 11 announcement to highlight how apps on Windows 11 can leverage artificial intelligence to support human creativity. This is a powerful example of Skylum’s continuing commitment to providing leading-edge creative tools to the customers in the Windows community. 

As Windows 11 and the new Photos app roll out globally, Skylum is pleased to offer LuminarAI in the new Microsoft Store. The Microsoft Store helps Windows users discover and install the best apps, and the team at Skylum believes it will provide a great platform for software developers like Skylum to expand app discovery and business opportunities.

“ The AI and ML photo-editing capabilities of LuminarAI are a perfect complement to the redesigned Windows Photos experience in Windows 11, which brings new levels of speed and efficiency to core Photo management tasks.” ” — Giorgio Sardo, GM of Microsoft Store

Skylum is excited that Microsoft has shown a deep commitment to helping independent software developers expand their distribution network. Skylum looks forward to continuing to embrace the new improvements in Windows 11 and provide a fantastic experience to Windows users with LuminarAI.Try LuminarAI on your new Windows 11 setup today

About Skylum Software
Skylum is a global imaging technology company focused on creating tools that make it easier to get things done. LuminarAI unleashes creativity through the innovative use of automated and intelligent image processing, which still allows the artist complete control over the final product. Skylum has won the Red Dot Award, Apple’s Best of Year, “Best Imaging Software” by TIPA and EISA, as well as several other top industry awards. To learn more about Skylum, visit

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Luminar AI is ready for Windows 11 and the new Microsoft Photos app

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Luminar AI is ready for Windows 11 and the new Microsoft Photos app(11)