July 13 2023

Redefining the Art of Panoramic Photography with Luminar Neo’s Newest Extension

Skylum, a leading innovator in photo editing software and the company behind the award - winning AI photo editor Luminar Neo, has announced the Panorama Stitching Extension, the newest addition to its Extensions lineup.

The Panorama Stitching Extension allows photographers to create sweeping panoramic photos with unparalleled versatility by introducing four distinct creation methods:

  1. Pano stitching: Effortlessly stitch RAW or JPEG files to create seamless panoramic photos that convey the grandeur of vast landscape and cityscape scenes.

  1. HDR Panorama: Easily overcome the challenges of creating panoramic photos under dynamic lighting conditions with HDR Panorama. Combine multiple exposure and pano brackets into a single HDR panorama that preserves every detail, from the brightest highlights to the darkest shadows, as you showcase these vast expanses.

  1. Panorama from Video: Leverage the power of motion to create immersive panoramas from your videos. The Panorama Stitching extension allows you to add your video footage and seamlessly extract frames to stitch together into panoramic images. Re-imagine action sequences in a whole new way as your videos are transformed into stunning, wide-spanning photographs.

  1. Object/Subject Composition Panorama:  Elevate your creative vision by selecting specific subjects within a video and converting them into captivating panoramic images. The Panorama Stitching Extension intelligently isolates and combines frames centered around your chosen element, resulting in visually striking panoramas that emphasize and highlight your subject in fascinating ways and creating new ways to convey motion from a video in a single frame.

Luminar Neo remains committed to empowering photographers of all skill levels and unlocking their creative potential. Introducing the Panorama Stitching Extension fulfills a long-awaited desire of our customers, particularly those who have a deep passion for landscape photography. We've witnessed an increasing demand for this feature during our photo tours. Now, capturing breathtaking panoramas is not only possible but also incredibly user-friendly, making it accessible to all, - said Ivan Kutanin, CEO of Skylum.

The new Panorama Stitching Extension is a useful tool for capturing breathtaking wide-angle views of stunning landscapes, unique portrait compositions, cityscapes, and architectural wonders.

The Panorama Stitching Extension is set to launch on July 20th and will be available to monthly and annual subscribers of the Pro and Ultimate plans, as well as all other Extensions.

Luminar Neo owners with a lifetime license can now pre-order the Panorama Stitching Extension individually at an early-bird price or transition to one of the subscription plans. Luminar Neo extends a warm welcome to new subscribers of the Pro plan by offering a special gift - a drone guide and new lifetime license owners will receive the Panorama Stitching Extension for free.

Luminar Neo is available on our website, as well as the Microsoft Store and the Apple macOS App Store. Learn more about our pricing and subscription plans here.

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Redefining the Art of Panoramic Photography with Luminar Neo’s Newest Extension

Anastasia Sliusarenko

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