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Rotate Picture Online: Maximizing Your Photo Editing

Quick Image Rotation
Our online tool lets you easily turn your image by 90 or 180 degrees. Just select your photo and drag it to rotate.

Advanced Toolkit
The photo rotate online editor uses a range of tools, including AI enhancement, color correction, and cropping, to professionally transform your photos.

Web-Based Creative Arsenal
Use Skylum's online rotate image tool to edit photos anywhere, anytime, without the need for downloads. The only requirement is access to the Internet.

JPG and PNG Support
Our rotating image online editor supports both JPG and PNG, offering flexibility in your photo editing process.

Ways To Rotate Pic Online

Rotating a picture online can be accomplished through various methods, here are a few:
A photo of the group of people

Online Image Editors

There are numerous online photo editors like Skylum's that offer the option to rotate your image. Simply upload your image, select the rotate tool, and specify the degree of rotation.
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Flip the photo with the girl

Photo Apps

Many apps also provide rotation tools. If you're frequently editing photos on your mobile device, these apps can be quite handy. However, they may require downloading and installing.
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Image Hosting Sites

Sites like Google Photos or iCloud allow you to rotate your images directly within the platform. This feature is particularly useful if you're storing your photos on these platforms.
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The photo of the city

Social Media Platforms

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook provide basic editing tools, including rotation, when you're uploading an image. It's a quick fix if your image just needs a slight tweak.
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The photo of the city

Operating System Tools

Both Windows and Mac provide built-in tools to rotate images. While these tools are relatively basic, they are convenient for quick adjustments.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Rotate An Image Online?

With Skylum's Online Photo Editor, rotating an image is quite simple. Please follow these steps:
1. First, open your web browser and visit Skylum's Online Photo Editor website.
2. Upload the image you wish to rotate. You can do this by clicking the ‘Upload’ button and selecting the image from your device.
3. Once your image is uploaded, look for the 'Rotate' tool in the editor's toolbar.After selecting the 'Rotate' tool, choose the desired rotation angle.
4. Apply the changes by clicking on the 'Apply.'
5. Finally, save your rotated image by clicking on the ‘Export Image’ button.

What Angles Can You Rotate An Image?

With Skylum's Photo Editor, you can rotate an image online at angles of 90 and 180 degrees. The software also allows you to flip images horizontally or vertically.

Does The Size Or Quality Change After The Photo Is Rotated?

No, rotating a photo with Skylum's Online Photo Editor does not affect its size or quality. The software maintains the original resolution of the image throughout the editing process. However, keep in mind that any download or upload process can potentially affect image quality depending on the Internet connection and the settings used for saving the image.