Portrait photography is competitive, but rewarding if you create images that stand out. These tips will help you capture memorable shots.

Portraiture is one of the most competitive of all photography genres. These days, creating images that stand out is harder than ever. Moreover, it always takes a combination of technical skill and artistic vision to create stunning portrait-style photos. With that in mind, here’s a list of tips for portrait photographers to help you gain and maintain an edge. These pointers won’t make you an overnight expert. They will, however, help you make your subjects look their best and your work look better.

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Make Your Subject Comfortable

This is the first order of business in any portrait shoot. Mind you, we’re talking about more than physical comfort. A successful portrait photographer is a people person.

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The ability to develop a rapport with your customers is a skill that can’t be overrated. Spend a little time getting to know your subjects and put them at ease. The time and effort you invest will pay off in photos with natural expressions and good eye contact.

Physical comfort is important, too. Don’t put your clients in unnatural positions or situations. Consider the temperature in the studio or locations. Have water on hand to drink. Little details that make your subjects feel important will make for a much more successful shoot.

To achieve a brilliant portrait-style photo, guide your models to pose naturally and capture authentic expressions. Also, encourage them to interact with the environment or express their personality, resulting in more engaging and genuine images.

Focus on the Eyes

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This is probably the most repeated photography tip in history. It may also be the detail most commonly neglected by beginners. So, what makes a good portrait? The eyes of your subject breathe life into the photograph. Getting them in focus is imperative.

If you’re using autofocus, you might want to set your camera to use a single AF point and center that on an eye, focus, then re-frame the shot if necessary without changing the subject to camera distance or zoom.

You can enhance the sharpness of your subject’s eyes in post-processing to add more impact. Luminar Neo includes several sharpening options to give you just the right effect.

Know Your Lens

It’s extremely important to know the characteristics of the lenses you use for portraiture. Compression, distortion, depth of field, hyperfocal distance, and diffraction are important considerations. The effects can be easily overlooked while shooting but may rear their ugly heads after the fact.

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Lens dynamics can also be used to your advantage. A shallow depth of field can help isolate your subject. Perceived compression or expansion can help alter the impact of the surroundings in outdoor shoots. A hyperfocal chart can help you find the optimum focusing distance when your subject is farther away.

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Get to know what your lenses can do and how to get them to do it – or not do it, as the situation demands. By the way, if you set the ISO too high and it causes noise, you can always denoise the image in Luminar Neo with just a few clicks. Give it a try, it's easy and the results are amazing!

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Mind Your Angle

Your camera angle is closely linked to lens characteristics. Any deviation from the perpendicular will emphasize distortion. High or low-angle shots. These tendencies can be beneficial or detrimental, so be aware of them.

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The most common choice for a portrait camera angle is straight-on at the subject’s eye level. Choosing a different approach can be refreshing and dramatic, but be certain that your subject’s features are suited to the change. As a general rule, you should move away from your subject when using these tactics.

Keep in mind, too, that distortion effects tend to be more pronounced at the edges of your lenses. Keep your portrait subjects well within the frame.

Don’t Push the Pose

While you’re trying to set up the perfect shot, you could be ruining it. The more you direct your portrait subjects, the stiffer they’ll get. Ease up and let them have a little fun. You don’t have to shoot candid shots, but you don’t have to control every moment.

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Spontaneity in a portrait can be brilliant. An uncontrolled laugh is much more effective than a forced smile. A captured awkward moment may be the saving grace of a boring series.  Learn to control the situation loosely. Capturing the personalities of your subjects is a valuable skill.

Explore Different Portrait Styles

This genre of photography doesn't stop at traditional portraits. There are a lot of interesting options that will help you open up a whole new facet of your creativity. By exploring multiple styles, you can add variety and creativity to your shots and expand your photography portfolio:

  • Fine art portraiture emphasizes artistic expression and creativity. They often involve experimental techniques, unique compositions, and unconventional lighting.
  • Glamor photography showcases the model's beauty, confidence, and allure through carefully styled makeup, hair, wardrobe, and poses.
  • High-key portraiture features bright, well-lit backgrounds and subjects, resulting in a light and airy feel. 
  • Low-key portrait photography style, on the other hand, has a predominantly dark or black background, with selective lighting illuminating specific areas of the model.
  • The black-and-white style of photography can add a sense of timelessness, drama, and elegance to portraits. It emphasizes contrast, texture, and the play of light and shadow.
  • Self-portraits are a fascinating and personal form of photography that allows you to express your identity, emotions, and self-perception.

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These styles are just a starting point, and there are endless possibilities for creativity and exploration. Feel free to mix and match techniques, experiment with post-processing in Luminar Neo AI photo editor, use various stylistic elements, and develop your own unique approach.

Work Hard on the Finishing Touches

When the portrait session ends, the real work begins. Your job is to make your subjects look fantastic. That means examining each shot, culling out those that don’t make the cut, and getting the most out of those that do.

This is when you need to pay the strictest attention to details. Make sure the teeth are white. Get rid of the pimple that your teen subject was so embarrassed about. Improve skin tones and texture. Sharpen or soften the areas that need it. Apply a high-key filter to make that sunny shot pop.

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Retouching and editing skills are at least as important as your camera and lighting skills. Luminar Neo tools and presets can be your best friend at this stage. From speed editing to precise retouching and corrections, you can get the job done in record time with professional results. You might even want to throw in some occasional special effects.

So, after traditional portrait photography is captured, post-processing can further enhance the final results. Adjustments to contrast, exposure, color, and sharpness can help create a consistent and polished look. Also, experiment with different editing styles and Luminar Neo's layer masking feature to find a visual aesthetic that suits your vision.


In today’s competitive market, it’s important for a portrait photographer to have an edge. The more you practice with different types of portrait photography, the better you'll become at capturing compelling images. Always try to experiment with different techniques, lighting setups, locations, and styles to find your own unique approach. 

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Don't be afraid to push boundaries and take creative risks! Remember, mastering any type of portrait photography takes time and experience. Continue to learn, seek inspiration from other photographers, and refine your skills to continually improve your work. Also, these simple tips will help you create memorable images that your subjects will cherish and share. Happy shooting! 

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How Can I Achieve a Shallow Depth of Field in Portrait Photography?

To achieve a shallow depth of field in your portrait-style photography, you can use a low f-number or f-stop, which typically ranges from 1.4 to about 5.6. By choosing a lower aperture, more light enters the camera, allowing you to control the plane of focus within a short distance. This technique allows you to create a pleasing blur effect in either the foreground or background.

What Are Some Effective Posing Tips for Portrait Photography?

Pay attention to body language, making sure that the angles and positions of the body, arms, and legs create visually pleasing lines and shapes. Also, try to incorporate props and accessories that reflect your subject's interests or profession to add interest and enhance the narrative. Finally, provide clear and confident direction to create a collaborative and relaxed atmosphere that will help your model feel comfortable.

How Can I Utilize Natural Light for Good Portraits?

When capturing portraits in natural light, a simple technique to illuminate your models is to position them facing the sun. This approach creates a beautiful glow on their faces while minimizing dark areas. However, it's important to be aware of your own shadow when photographing in this way, so as not to create unwanted distractions on your model.

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