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Laurie Klein — Author, Educator, Photographer: She is known today as both a successful photographer with a signature style, and a incredible photographic educator. Her life long commitment to the art of photography began 41 years ago in high school. “I didn’t really discover my passion, my passion discovered me.” Laurie said. Turning from just taking pretty pictures, Laurie sought to perfect her craft by attending the photography program at R.I.T. and then getting her M.F.A. from Ohio University. Later, Ansel Adams became one of her heroes and mentors, her infrared path began after seeing the majestic infrared imagery that he created. He taught her that discovering her own artistic voice was the gateway to becoming a fine artist. Laurie and her technical partner Shelley Vandegrift lead infrared workshops all over the world.

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The Magical World of Infrared Photography

January 18 2018

The Magical World of Infrared Photography

As creatives, we are looking for ways to stand apart from others. Infrared photography, where are captured in higher wavelengths than the human eye can see, combined with Luminar 2018 is the perfect way to do just that.

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