The world of photography is evolving drastically, and now we have tools that allow us to capture the most extreme adventures. Whether skiing down powdery slopes or diving into the ocean's depths, these compact devices have become essential companions for adventurers seeking to immortalize their exhilarating moments. But cameras, our main helpers in capturing and sharing our special moments with the public, are fragile and can be easily damaged, especially in extreme situations where no one can predict every possible outcome.

Those photographers who are new to action photography can have a lot of doubts about using the accessories to protect their action cameras: are lens protectors necessary at all, or can action photography be performed without them? Do camera protectors affect quality, and if yes, how can you minimize their negative impact on your future photographic masterpieces? This article aims to dispel any of these doubts and help you to choose the best camera lens protector and the best camera LCD screen protector.

The Best Camera Lens Protectors

Safeguard Your Investment with the Best Action Camera Cases I Skylum Blog | Skylum Blog(2)When unique footage requires immersion in an extreme environment, the photographers seek additional ways to keep the camera safe. There are special accessories, the aim of which is to protect the most fragile details of a camera from possible outer damage. These little helpers of any photographer are divided into lens and screen protectors, depending on the part of the gadget they are put on, to avoid scratches and cracks. They can make a significant difference, allowing you to focus on your adventures and ensure your lens or screen will be safe.

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Why are lens protectors necessary while camera lenses should already be constructed with optimal damage resistance? Being damage-resistant does not mean completely invulnerable, especially when we put a fragile gadget under additional risk in extreme conditions. A well-crafted lens protector can offer an extra layer of defense, ensuring your lens remains unscathed during your wildest adventures.

When choosing the best camera lens protector, a plethora of options await. Let's look through 10 high-quality options available on the market:

  • CrystalClear LensArmor: This model boasts optical clarity that seamlessly integrates with your lens, offering an invisible shield against the elements.
  • GuardianShield OptiLens: Crafted from cutting-edge materials that allow you to combine scratch resistance with enhanced light transmission, maintaining your image quality.
  • ArmorDefend LensGuard: With a precision-engineered design, this model provides a tailored fit for various lens sizes, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  • NanoGuard UltraLens: Using advanced nanotechnology, it easily repels water, dust, and fingerprints, keeping your lens clear and pristine.
  • ProTectiVe Shield: Engineered for professional photographers, this model features multi-layered construction for unparalleled lens safeguarding.
  • VisionGuard ProLens: With blue-light filtering technology, it reduces eye strain during prolonged shooting sessions.
  • GuardianElite OptiCoat: Incorporating a hydrophobic coating prevents water droplets from distorting your shots, especially in rainy conditions.
  • ClearVue ArmorLens: Designed for extreme sports, it offers enhanced impact resistance, making it suitable for rugged adventures.
  • UltraShield HD LensArmor: Combining high-definition clarity with anti-scratch properties, it is perfect for capturing crisp shots in challenging environments.
  • NanoCoat ProGuard: Utilizing nanoscale coating technology provides a smooth surface that repels dirt and oil, ensuring your lens stays clean during shoots.

The Best Camera LCD Screen Protectors

Safeguard Your Investment with the Best Action Camera Cases I Skylum Blog | Skylum Blog(3)The screen is your window into the world you're capturing, and maintaining its visual clarity is imperative for accurate framing and composition. Smudges, scratches, and cracks on a screen can make capturing the beauty around you much harder (and sometimes completely impossible). But luckily we have little helpers that can prevent such inconveniences. 

These protectors, often constructed from tempered glass, are engineered to withstand impacts, ensuring your screen remains unblemished even in rugged terrains. 

Let's uncover the ten best camera LCD screen protectors:

  • ArmorView CrystalGuard: Engineered with anti-glare technology, it enhances screen visibility even in bright sunlight.
  • ToughGuard UltraClear: With its shatterproof design, it not only prevents scratches but also offers impact protection.
  • PixelPerfect HD ScreenShield: Designed for high-definition screens, it maintains the screen's original clarity and touchscreen responsiveness.
  • ClearShield ProView: This model features a thin profile that seamlessly integrates with the screen, ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience.
  • VividView OptiScreen: Enhancing color accuracy provides your screen displays images as vividly as they were captured.
  • TrueTone SpectrumGuard: Designed to preserve your screen's true color spectrum, it is ideal for photographers seeking color accuracy.
  • CrispGuard UltraVue: Minimizes glare and reflections, allowing you to compose shots even in challenging lighting conditions.
  • ReflectShield DiamondCoat: A diamond-like coating offers exceptional scratch resistance for longevity. 
  • UltraClarity PrecisionGuard: Featuring a microfiber layer, it not only guards against scratches but also helps maintain a smudge-free display.
  • NanoFlex OptiGuard: Utilizing flexible nanomaterials, it offers a seamless fit for curved screens, ensuring full coverage without distortion.

Install and Remove Protectors Properly

Safeguard Your Investment with the Best Action Camera Cases I Skylum Blog | Skylum Blog(4)There is one extremely important factor you should consider when selecting a good screen protector. It refers to the lens protectors as well. A protector should be easily installed and removed because if you put too much pressure, you risk breaking your camera while trying to prevent it from being damaged, and it is the last thing you want to do. 

If you have never dealt with protectors throughout your photography career, here are the basic instructions on how to install and remove them properly:

To install a protector, clean the camera surface, align the protector accurately, and gently press it onto the screen. For the lens protectors, the instructions are the same. It prevents air bubbles and ensures optimal protection.

Now, you might wonder how to remove a camera screen protector. The good news is that it is a straightforward task. Find a corner of the protector and gently lift it using a plastic card. Slowly peel off the protector while applying minimal pressure to avoid any damage to the camera's surface. It is how to remove a tempered glass camera protector easily and ensure that your screen will remain intact. Once removed, your lens or screen will be as good as new, ready for the next adventure.

Do Camera Protectors Affect Quality?

Safeguard Your Investment with the Best Action Camera Cases I Skylum Blog | Skylum Blog(5)A common concern among action camera enthusiasts is whether they have to sacrifice the quality of their pictures to have their lenses and screens protected. And the answer to this question directly depends on the quality of protectors they choose. 

The higher the quality of the protector is, the more transparent it is. In other words, when a photographer looks through the lens or on the camera's screen with a high-quality protector, the image is not distorted because the light has no obstacles passing through the protectors. It ensures that your pictures and videos retain their original clarity and vibrancy.

Opt for a balance between durability and transparency when you choose protective accessories. Other important factors that should be considered are compatibility, material quality, and ease of installation, and you will have the fragile parts of your device fully protected without compromising the quality of your work. 

Make The Most Of Your Camera

Protecting your camera will allow you to take unique shots in various natural conditions — rain, dew, splashing waves, sand in the desert, or capturing the sun's rays. In addition to the protection itself and your skill in building a composition and correct settings, you will need the help of post-processing programs. We advise you to pay attention to the functions of Luminar Neo. Even if you're new to post-processing, you'll quickly master its handy features that enhance natural phenomena such as rain, rays, grain detailing, and more. Also, for inspiration and ideas for your extreme photos, you can check out our other articles, such as How to master the art of rain photography or How to photograph fog, and watch videos on  How to edit rain photos and make them look as natural as possible. In addition, familiarizing yourself with the functions of artificial intelligence from Luminar Neo makes your photos of the elements even more expressive and unique.

Bottom Line

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Screen and lens protectors are accessories to avoid damaging your camera's most fragile parts. Protectors are essential for action photography and extreme conditions, as the risk of damage is extremely high in this case. The main criteria of high-quality protectors are the ease of installation and removal (otherwise, a photographer could easily destroy what was meant to be protected) and transparency (the more transparent the protectors are, the less likely it is to have your picture distorted). Sometimes, shooting in sunny locations may require additional equipment to protect your camera from the sun. We advise you to read more about it in our article How to photograph the sun.

You can tailor protection to your needs with various options, from waterproof casings to scratch-resistant films. In a world of constant adventure, where technology advances, a reliable protector is your camera's best friend. It empowers you to capture life's thrills without worry, allowing you to focus on the experience. Invest wisely, embrace your escapades, and keep your action camera secure.

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