Do you want to unlock the full potential of mobile photography on your iPhone? Then definitely join us! Today, on our blog, we discuss the best photo editing apps for iPhones. Create photos that stand out!

Mobile photography is more popular now than ever before. Although the cameras of modern phones give us many opportunities, picture editors are indispensable, helping to improve pictures and improving their quality and attractiveness. The way of working with images and approaches to this process is individual — from built-in editors to professional applications. 

Even though mobile editors are more convenient than desktop versions, they still present different sets of functions and have different pricing policies. In this article, we'll look at some of the top mobile photo editors so you can choose the best iPhone editing app for your type of photography.

Also, we recommend you explore last year's best photo editing apps list to compare with the updated top photo apps for iOS smartphones.

1. Luminar for Mobile

Best iPhone Photo Editor To Edit Photos Like A Pro | Skylum Blog(2)The leading modern photo editor, which users love for the perfect combination of power, quality, and price. In addition to the well-known PC version that runs on Windows and MacOS, it also has an adapted application for the iPad.

And recently, Luminar presented a version for the iPhone. This iPhone Picture Editor is adapted for convenient and high-quality work with photos on your smartphone. It includes the same tools as its predecessors, including a wide range of AI functions, but its interface is simpler and supplemented with sound effects for an even more enjoyable editing process. This version will likely become the best iPhone picture editor for both enthusiasts and professionals of mobile photography. Unlike other programs on our list, it is universal because it combines all the key functions.

Luminar for Mobile—Download and Edit Instantly


With this professional editor, you can fully enhance your mobile photography. For example, read Tips for Taking Awesome Night Sky Photos on iPhone to learn how to set the right settings for your smartphone camera and use its full power. Then, use Luminar to enhance the image and give it more expressiveness and a more professional look.

2. Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Best iPhone Photo Editor To Edit Photos Like A Pro | Skylum Blog(3)This application has always been the best picture editing app for iPhone. It has been a staple photo editing app for iPhone and iPad for years, as it offers the most comprehensive suite of editing features to suit various needs.

In addition to standard functions such as light, color, noise reduction, and sharpness adjustments, Adobe adds new AI-based functions year after year, such as:

  • Blurring the background of a picture and simulating depth of field.

  • Masking with adjustments of only certain areas of the picture.

  • Editing classic RAW and Apple ProRAW images.

Of course, all these features are not free. You will need to purchase a subscription.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

Best iPhone Photo Editor To Edit Photos Like A Pro | Skylum Blog(4)This mobile image editor allows you to manually adjust basic parameters such as light, shadows, or colors and apply presets. It is similar to Lightroom: you can use a bunch of settings with one click and then adjust them individually.

A separate face retouching function controlled by artificial intelligence is available to users. She can add a smile or makeup to the image. It has a great collage maker and layer functions. This editor can be integrated directly into the standard Photos application. It supports editing in place. You will need a premium subscription to use all Adobe Photoshop Express features.

4. Snapseed

Best iPhone Photo Editor To Edit Photos Like A Pro | Skylum Blog(5)This photo editor does not require a subscription. It is completely free. Although it lacks AI tools, it is still good for basic editing. It has automatic settings and intelligent image expansion, which give quite good results on simple images.

This Google app has been recognized as the most user-friendly and easiest app for beginners due to its simple features and clear interface. Plus, users don't have to watch pop-up ads and try to ignore subscription notifications before editing images.

5. Google Photos

Best iPhone Photo Editor To Edit Photos Like A Pro | Skylum Blog(6)Like Snapseed, this editor is also free. Even though Google products are considered to be created for Android smartphones, they show themselves very well to Apple users. This editor backs up images using cloud storage on various devices. He knows how to organize people's photos and allows them to be searched and edited. Search works great when entering relevant keywords. In addition, AI will help analyze your photo when you click "Edit," listing suggestions for improving your images and having filters for quick editing. It also provides subscribers with handy editing tools like Magic Eraser.

6. YouCam Perfect

Best iPhone Photo Editor To Edit Photos Like A Pro | Skylum Blog(7)This app is a favorite of many users for AI image editing. It's great for enhancing the visuals of portrait pictures. Its AI instantly removes unwanted objects, photobombers, and blur-free text. You do not need to look for the optimal angle in tourist spots. Artificial intelligence can be used to correct facial distortions when taking pictures with the iPhone's front camera.

However, if we talk about more advanced editing and functions for other types of photography, then Luminar Neo or Lightroom are better choices. In addition to AI functions for portraits and cutting out unwanted elements, they have tools to realize your ideas and desires.

AI-Powered App for Quick and Easy Photo Editing

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7. Darkroom

Best iPhone Photo Editor To Edit Photos Like A Pro | Skylum Blog(8)Another free application is worth mentioning when discussing the best iOS photo editor. Like Snapseed, it lets you save an edited image as a project and provides easy access to a user's edit history. It allows viewing previous steps, which is especially useful when creating similar photo effects after periods of inactivity. It also has no AI extension but gives all the basic editing.

For users of the Apple ecosystem, this image editor also makes it easy to sync presets using Apple iCloud, so you can seamlessly edit images between iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

Specialized Applications for Editing Photos

Best iPhone Photo Editor To Edit Photos Like A Pro | Skylum Blog(9)Buying a photo editor subscription may be too expensive. In such cases, many people look for the functions they need in various applications. Here are some image editing programs that you may find useful both on their own and in combination with other photo editors:


This app has many aesthetic templates to make your Instagram stories and videos popular. It lets you turn photos into videos, merge multiple shots into one, and access customizable designs and templates in the design editing app.

Bazaart also provides business templates and creates attractive product pictures and promotional messages. It has free animated backgrounds and in-app Music support features.


This app stands as an iPhone and iPad photo editor. It offers three modules for correcting horizontal, vertical, and barrel distortions, correcting perspective distortions by hand, and creating symmetric mirror effects. Its other advantage is that it does not reduce the overall resolution of the picture while correcting perspective distortions. It's not suitable as a stand-alone photo editor, but as an add-on app, it's a great solution if your main photo editor has no perspective correction or needs to do it better.

Touch Retouch

It is the best iPhone picture editor for removing unwanted objects from images. It does an excellent job of removing stains, people, fences, and entire buildings. Like SKRWT, this program focuses on one function, which it does well. On iPad, it even supports Apple Pencil for even more convenient editing.

Bottom Line

Best iPhone Photo Editor To Edit Photos Like A Pro | Skylum Blog(10)Speaking about the best photo editing apps for iPhone, it is worth remembering that the winner in this category can only be the photo editor that satisfies you with its functions, simplicity, power, and price at the same time. You can choose one program or use 2 to 3 applications with highly specialized functions. The main thing is that you are satisfied with the process and the result. With the development of technology, more and more photo editors offer AI tools that simplify processes and give a more professional result. Don't neglect the opportunity to use them now and take your pictures to the next level. So, what is your best iPhone editing app?

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