Spring is here, and for photographers like myself, that means long days outside enjoying the pleasant weather and, of course, the cherry blossoms. Seoul transforms into a fairy-tale dreamscape with numerous spectacular locations to view these blooms.

Typically, the prime time to experience cherry blossoms in Seoul is early April, although the exact timing can vary year by year. For instance, in 2024, a cherry blossom festival was organised, but the blossoms bloomed later than expected, meaning the trees were bare for the festival. Weather also plays a crucial role; the previous year, the blossom season was brief due to poor weather, whereas this year, it extended over a week with mostly clear skies.

This guide will give you the best spots to capture these beautiful trees. However, keep in mind that many people flock to see the cherry blossoms so you are best to head out early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

1. Seokchon LakeCherry Blossom In South Korea: Beautiful Places To Visit | Skylum Blog(2)

Location: Easily accessible by subway. Take the train to Jamsil Station, and use Exit 10. 

What to Expect: Take a stroll around the peaceful lake of Seokchon with cherry blossoms forming a canopy above the pathways, sometimes so dense that the sky disappears from view. On breezy days, a shower of petals creates a truly enchanting scene. Along the path, you can find coffee shops, restaurants and bars with outdoor seating, perfect for resting and enjoying the view.

What to Shoot: The lake and the blossoms themselves make for beautiful images. Alongside that, you can frame Lotte Tower with cherry blossom branches, or couples walking hand in hand among the falling petals.

Additional Attractions: Just across the road you’ll find Lotte World, a major theme park. If that’s not your cup of tea, then why not check out Lotte Tower, the world’s sixth-tallest building with a viewing platform at the top offering not only spectacular city views but also a bird’s eye view of Seokchon Lake.

2. Yeouido Hangang ParkCherry Blossom In South Korea: Beautiful Places To Visit | Skylum Blog(3)

Location: Easily accessible by subway. Take the train to Yeouinaru Station, and use Exit 2 or 3.

What to Expect: Yeouido Hangang Park is the location of one of Seoul’s many Cherry Blossom Festivals, and it’s easy to understand why they host it there. The park and surrounding areas are home to over 1500 cherry blossom trees. It’s an ideal spot for walking among the falling petals or having a picnic in the nearby park and enjoying the view.

What to Shoot: Views of the Han River using blossom branches for framing, cascading petals and romantic shots of couples.

Additional Attractions: Yeuido is an island and offers great views of the Han River and Seoul’s southern skyline. The area is dotted with numerous parks and is the perfect place to get in touch with nature whilst being in the city. 

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3. Namsan ParkCherry Blossom In South Korea: Beautiful Places To Visit | Skylum Blog(4)

Location: There is a free hourly shuttle bus from Myeongdong Station, positioned at Exit 4, or you can walk from the station using Exit 5.

What to Expect: Namsan Park offers a wide range of ways to experience the cherry blossom trees. If you’re feeling energetic, you can try hiking up Namsan Mountain whilst enjoying the many trees along the way. Otherwise, if you’re not up to the hike, take the cable car instead as you float above a canopy of blossom trees and lush foliage. Upon reaching the summit, take full advantage of the views Namsan Tower Observatory has to offer. Offering 360-degree panoramic views of Seoul, you can take in the pastel pinks of cherry blossoms from around the city. There are also plenty of seasonal festivities going on around spring so be sure to check those out as well.

What to Shoot: Make great use of your elevated views from your position on Namsan Mountain. Enjoy spotting clusters of cherry blossoms from up high in various parts of the city. 

Additional Attractions: Namsan Park is right in the heart of Seoul, with many attractions not too far away. There is Namsan Hanok Village where you can explore traditional Korean houses (hanoks) offering a stark contrast to the modern cityscape. Here you may be able to capture these quaint houses framed by hanging cherry blossom branches.

4. Seoul Forest

Cherry Blossom In South Korea: Beautiful Places To Visit | Skylum Blog(5)

Location: Easily accessible by subway. Take the train to Seoul Forest Station, with numerous exits. 

What to Expect: Seoul Forest offers a refreshing escape from the city, and as you walk among cherry blossom trees lining the paths you can take a deep relaxing breath. The forest is divided into various sections, each with its unique offerings. The Eco-Forest is a highlight, home to various wildlife including deer, ducks and various bird species. There is also the butterfly and insect garden, as well as a culture and art park; these areas will include many chances to view cherry blossom trees. Be sure to pack a picnic and enjoy a full day inside the forest. 

What to Shoot:  This location, with its more natural setting compared to urban areas, is ideal for capturing photos of wildlife against a backdrop of cherry blossoms. The serene environment provides numerous opportunities for stunning wildlife and floral photography.

Additional Attractions: Positioned alongside the Han River, Seoul Forest offers access to a variety of waterfront activities. Enjoy boat rides, admire the riverside views, or relax with a picnic by the water. These activities provide a complete day of enjoyment, complementing your visit to the forest.

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5. Kyung Hee UniversityCherry Blossom In South Korea: Beautiful Places To Visit | Skylum Blog(6)

Location: Accessible via a short walk from Hoegi subway station, using exit 1.

What to Expect: Renowned for its European architectural design, Kyung Hee University boasts an incredible collection of cherry blossom trees. The campus offers picturesque paths that are perfect for leisurely strolls, allowing you to capture the stunning scenery with your camera. Keep an eye out for the peaceful gardens scattered throughout the University as well, offering a quiet retreat to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings.

What to Shoot: The standout feature of this location is the striking architecture of the university with its grand pillars and European design. Whilst it may not feel like you’re in South Korea, the architecture is something to behold. So line up your shots with the pastel pinks of the cherry blossom trees complementing the view for some captivating images.

Additional Attractions: The university often holds art exhibitions and cultural events so be sure to keep an eye out for those whilst you are exploring the grounds. 

The Bottom LineCherry Blossom In South Korea: Beautiful Places To Visit | Skylum Blog(7)

Seoul has so much to offer when it comes to cherry blossom season. By simply exploring through the city you will find hidden gems and scenes framed perfectly by drooping branches and cascading petals. 

You can create dreamy and romantic images with traditional Korean buildings as your subject. Try your best to time your trip right, and fingers crossed that the weather remains great for you so that you can enjoy the cherry blossom season to the fullest. Good luck!

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