From family entertainment to the fancy industry, water photography impresses with its limitlessness of creative ideas. Be on trend and dive headfirst into it this summer. Today in our blog, we discuss water photography ideas and the secrets of photo editing such pictures. Ready for more?

This summer, discover endless creative possibilities with water photography. Water is the element that allows you to take great pictures using different techniques. From swimming pools to natural bodies of water, from rain scenes to subject photography, learn to capture the beauty of liquid in various ways.

Water is not only a source of life but also a source of inspiration. This natural element is often used in art. Contemplation of water calms and excites at the same time. As a photographer and creator, you can portray this element as harmonizing, powerful, or destructive. You give shape and life to the water in your pictures.

In this article, you will find inspiring yet simple ideas that you can implement. You'll also find helpful tips for editing your water photos with Luminar Neo. Without further ado, let's dive!

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Look around! So many places around us have water. However, taking a camera, pressing a button, and getting a good shot is not so easy. Remember the importance of composition, light, the rule of thirds, and, most importantly — the message or idea your frame conveys. Get inspired by other photographers' shots and create your visionary photoshoots based on them. Water can be photographed as the main object of your shoot (natural water as a river, sea, or lake; a hotel swimming pool for advertising; a glass of water, etc.) or as a background element (for example, for a portrait shoot on the beach, shooting clothes near a waterfall, etc.). 

Also, water is a good addition to the frame's key element (for example, drops on glass or a body, a portrait under the rain, etc.). We have prepared several ideas that do not require much effort and complex props that you can easily repeat.

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1. Water DropletsCreative Water Photoshoot Ideas: Transform The Ordinary | Skylum Blog(4)

Let's start with the smallest and most accessible to everyone. You have surely seen many examples of such pictures. But that's no reason not to make your own! The simplest option is a macro photograph of drops on plants, the body, fabric, glass, or any other surface. Making a more interesting shot with a falling drop or splash will be more difficult. Read about 5 Secrets of Creating Amazing Drops in the photo and try to bring them to life! But with a little practice, you can catch the right shot! Explore the Splash Photography Basics article to learn how to capture dynamic shots with drops and splashes of liquids. Such scenes will look attractive in cosmetics products and drinking water promo. 

The advantage of such a shooting is that you can easily spend it at home. Grab a close-focus lens or a dedicated macro lens and start experimenting. It will be easier for you to shoot falling drops with an external flash. It will give a volume that can be enhanced at the post-processing stage. Pay attention to the background. Monochrome backgrounds best emphasize drops. All behind the droplet usually refracts. Use this effect creatively.

2. Put Something in IceCreative Water Photoshoot Ideas: Transform The Ordinary | Skylum Blog(5)

Formally, ice is also water. This idea may not be so unusual, but it is also one of the simplest. The transparency of the ice allows you to see objects in it, and with good lighting, you can achieve a chic effect. If you freeze the object in layers, you will achieve a uniform result and greater transparency. A spotlight or a strobe will give a stunning lighting effect. A macro lens or macro filters will also be useful here, especially if the subjects are small.

Fruits frozen in ice cubes will look beautiful and juicy, enhancing the summer vibe. Frozen toys or household items are artistic photographs, and bottles of perfume or cosmetics are good for advertising products.

3. Get Wet in the RainCreative Water Photoshoot Ideas: Transform The Ordinary | Skylum Blog(6)

Rain is always present in wet photoshoot ideas. The fear of damaging the camera with water keeps many photographers away from creating rainy photo shoots, although many camera accessories will protect against unwanted consequences. A simple plastic bag secured around the camera and lens with a rubber band will do the job perfectly.

Rain will enhance the atmosphere of street and romantic photos, whether a scene with umbrellas or soaking under a wall of rain. Photograph the rain against the light to make the drops more visible. Enhance the effect with a photo editor.

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4. Play with ReflectionCreative Water Photoshoot Ideas: Transform The Ordinary | Skylum Blog(7)

Creative water photography is always associated with reflections. These properties of water can be used creatively. A river, lake, pool, or puddle will suit you. In nature, the best time for such shooting is on quiet, windless days. Otherwise, the reflection will be greatly distorted. The closer your model or object is to the water, the more detailed the reflection. Experiment with different angles to capture the best one. A circular polarizing filter will make the reflection stronger or weaker, as you wish. See what happens when you rotate the polarizer!

You can use this technique for subject photography, even at home. Pour some water on the mirror and add the speakers. It is also good to pour water on the mirror where touch and water circles can deliberately distort the reflection.

5. Water LuxuryCreative Water Photoshoot Ideas: Transform The Ordinary | Skylum Blog(8)

It is very easy to combine water and fashion. From wild waterfalls to luxury hotels with swimming pools, there are many options for model water photoshoot ideas. Let the beautiful and elegant pool in the background become an exclusive addition to the model and her outfit. Also, the view from the windows of the ocean or even a portrait on the beach are good ideas. Depending on your goals, you can show the pros of the property or the elegant dresses or beachwear of the models against the sea background or with chic pools. Photographing yachts or walking on one of them will give you unique shots.

Use polarizing filters to reduce unwanted water glow, and use water interactions, close-ups, and wave views to add interesting moments to your shots. Play on the contrast of the colors transmitted by the surface to increase the interest of the picture. For example, a yellow swimsuit will look even brighter on the canvas of the blue sea.

Edit Water Photos with Luminar Neo 

At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing special about editing such pictures, but you should master the nuances that will improve your photographs, and you will always pay attention to details. Luminar has unique photo editing AI tools that will help you enhance the image and even completely transform its atmosphere. You'll find the tools you need, from sky replacement to portrait retouching. You can also use the Сolor Image Editor to replace image colors harmoniously and high-quality. Make images juicy and attractive in a couple of clicks.

We have one additional secret that we cannot hide from you — Water Enhancer from Luminar Neo. It's a game-changing tool for editing water images. In just a few seconds, you can enhance the water's color, texture, and shine. This tool makes it easier to turn your photos into professional ones. Keep this helper and experiment with different liquids.

Bottom LineCreative Water Photoshoot Ideas: Transform The Ordinary | Skylum Blog(9)

There are even more amazing water shooting options. We only mentioned some of the ideas you can try today. They do not require complex props or professional skills.

Discover the many possibilities of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary with water. Using innovative software like Luminar, you can easily take your water images to new heights. Thanks to the powerful specialized tools of Luminar Neo, even a beginner can edit photos like a professional. Depict the carefree beauty of reflections, the dynamic energy of splashes, the romance of rainy dates, or mysterious works of art. Let your imagination and creativity run wild! 

Don't wait for a better opportunity. Take your camera, be creative, and have fun with the process!

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