Think of your time. Is it precious? Look at your photos. Aren’t they precious too?


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You may like what you have just captured or you may not. But there’s one thing that makes any photo precious. That moment in time is gone immediately after you capture it. And that moment will only live on in your photograph.

Today we are able to pull out our camera any time we want and take a photo of people & places. We want to be able to collect these photo memories in one place, keep them safe, conveniently browse, and share them with people who are close. We also want to make them look their best without wasting extra time.

As we build Luminar, these simple insights are our main drivers. We want to deliver photo software for today's photographer. And we want that software to adapt to the needs of tomorrow.

The new Luminar 3 with Libraries will be available shortly.

For hundreds of thousands of current users, and millions of new users to come, this is the beginning of a new story.

This is a story where your photos are the center of attention without extra distractions. A story where you can achieve your creative vision using specially crafted and unique tools that are not merely clones of existing software. This is a story where you achieve the desired results faster and end up with more time to make amazing memories while making even more photos.

Luminar 3 gives you a beautiful canvas to enjoy your photos and easy-to-use innovative tools to make great looking photos faster. And don't forget, if you own Luminar 2018, this new version will be free for you. There's no need to buy a paid upgrade. 

What will make you enjoy your photos even more? | Skylum Blog(2)
What will make you enjoy your photos even more? | Skylum Blog(3)

Luminar in 2019 and beyond.

Building something new from scratch is not an easy task. Most of the other photo editors are the same. But Luminar is different. And making things differently takes longer than simply copying existing stuff.

What you will get on December 18th is just the beginning. New features will be added with regular monthly updates, and you’re welcome to follow our progress.

I understand that some of you will want to explore new features & performance improvements before the updates come out. So at some point in 2019, we will launch an ongoing beta program. You’ll be able to download the beta version and preview what’s coming. Stay tuned for more announcements.

For new customers, we are introducing a 60-day, money-back guarantee policy. We make Luminar for you to love and enjoy. If something goes wrong, you’ll have enough time to change your mind.

As I’m wrapping up this post, here’s a short reminder on what guides Skylum in developing our products. These are the elements that make Luminar - Luminar.

  • Your photos are front and center. Forget extra distractions.
  • Your time is precious. Make great images faster with Luminar.
  • Innovation is key. Continue getting unique features.
  • Experience is key. You’ll enjoy working with photos in Luminar.

We promise.

What will make you enjoy your photos even more? | Skylum Blog(4)

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