Find out how to create the perfect outfits for your family photos with advice on matching colors, choosing the right accessories, and selecting clothes for all ages

When the sun is shining and the days stretch out long and lazy, it’s the perfect time for capturing those joyous family moments with a photo shoot. But as the camera comes out, so does the big question: "What to wear for summer family pictures?" Well, it's a dilemma that many of us face, leading to moments of indecision in front of our closets.

Fear not! Whether you’re planning to smile by the seaside, pose in your favorite park, or line up in your beautifully blooming backyard, we’ve got your back with stylish, coordinated summer outfit ideas that will make your family photos look effortlessly beautiful.

Color Matching BasicsFamily Photo Outfit Ideas Summer Style Guide | Skylum Blog(2)

Choosing the right colors for your family photo outfits this summer doesn't mean everyone has to match perfectly. Instead, think about coordinating colors that harmonize well together. This approach lets each family member wear different colors while still creating a cohesive look. Here's how to master the art of color coordination for those stunning family pictures!

  • Coordinate, Don't Match: Instead of picking one color for everyone, we recommend you select a palette of complementary colors. This way, each person can choose a shade that suits them while still fitting into the group's overall aesthetic.

  • Summer Color Ideas: Opt for cool, soothing summer shades like light blues, soft greens, and gentle pinks because these colors reflect the season's vibe and look great in natural light!

  • Adapt to Your Surroundings: Consider the location and time of your photo shoot. For beach photos, blues and greens mimic the water and sky. For a park setting, earth tones and greens blend beautifully with the natural backdrop.

If you focus on coordination rather than exact matching, you can enhance everyone's individuality while achieving a beautiful, unified look in your family photos this summer!

Outfit Ideas for Different Family SizesFamily Photo Outfit Ideas Summer Style Guide | Skylum Blog(3)

If it's just you and a couple of kids, you have more flexibility with your outfit choices. Try coordinating by choosing a color scheme and letting each person select an outfit within those colors. For example, you might decide on a palette of soft pastels. One person could wear a pastel-striped shirt, another a solid pastel dress, and so on. This creates a harmonious look without requiring identical outfits.

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For Large Families, Coordinating outfits can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! You can start with a base color, like navy or forest green, and encourage everyone to choose different shades and patterns within that color family. This method allows everyone to express their personal style while maintaining a unified appearance!

These simple strategies make sure that everyone looks their best and feels connected, which really shines through in your photos!

Themed Outfit IdeasFamily Photo Outfit Ideas Summer Style Guide | Skylum Blog(4)

We prepared some themed outfit ideas that fit various settings for you! With these advice, you can dress appropriately for any photo setting, ensuring that your family’s personality shines through while keeping the style cohesive and charming.

1. Beach Day

Beach photos call for casual summer family photo outfits. Women might choose a light sundress or a flowy skirt with a tank top, while men can wear shorts and a breezy button-up. Flip-flops or bare feet are perfect for the sandy setting.

2. City Style

Taking photos in an urban environment? Dress a bit sharper. A stylish jumpsuit or a sleek dress works well for women, while men might opt for a pair of clean-cut trousers and a smart shirt. These choices help you blend into the city vibe while looking polished.

3. Nature Outfits

For a shoot in a park or out in the country, wear earth tones—think greens, browns, or neutral colors. Comfort is key, so relaxed fits work best. A simple maxi dress or comfortable slacks and a soft shirt are great choices.

4. Dressier Looks

Elevating your attire for family photos can make the occasion feel even more special. Women could opt for an elegant dress or a stylish jumper, and men might choose slacks with a coordinated button-up shirt. Stick to outfits without logos and minimal patterns to keep things timeless. 

Most importantly, make sure whatever you choose is something you love and feel great wearing — comfort translates into confidence and ease in front of the camera.

Adding Accessories and PropsFamily Photo Outfit Ideas Summer Style Guide | Skylum Blog(5)

Throwing in a few accessories like hats or sunglasses can really spice up your family photos! For instance, hats are not only stylish but also practical for those bright, sunny days, while sunglasses can add a cool, laid-back touch to the overall vibe. If you're thinking about jewelry, keep it simple so it complements rather than dominates your outfits!

Props are a great way to make your photo session more lively and personal. Imagine the kids' faces lighting up with big, colorful balloons in their hands, adding a pop of fun to your pictures. Or picture the whole family gathered around a picnic blanket, with a basket nearby — it sets the perfect scene for a casual yet charming group shot. These little additions not only enhance the aesthetics of your photos but also help everyone relax and enjoy the moment!

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Dressing Tips for Every AgeFamily Photo Outfit Ideas Summer Style Guide | Skylum Blog(6)

When it’s time for family photos, choosing what everyone will wear shouldn’t stress you out. It all boils down to finding outfits that everyone feels good in, from your littlest ones to your elders. Here's a friendly guide to help everyone look their best without compromising on comfort!

Babies and Little Kids

Softness is key for the young ones. Go for comfy, breathable outfits in cheerful colors or with adorable prints. These choices stand out in photos and can make even a squirmy toddler look like a star. Don’t forget a backup outfit because spills and surprises are part of the package with kids.


Let them show off their style. Teenagers like to express themselves through their clothes, so give them the freedom to choose outfits that reflect their current favorites. Whether it’s a vintage jacket, a graphic tee, or a unique pair of shoes, when they wear what they love, their confidence will shine through in every shot.

Adults and Seniors

Classic and comfortable should be your motto. For adults, think of pieces that fit well and look timeless — like a nice pair of pants and a soft, well-cut top. For seniors, comfort doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Choose easy-to-wear fabrics and fits that allow for movement and won’t pinch or bind over the course of the photo session.

Now, your family photo day can be a breeze! By dressing each person in clothes they feel great in, you’ll capture the genuine happiness and unique personalities of your family. And that’s what makes a family photo truly unique!

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ConclusionFamily Photo Outfit Ideas Summer Style Guide | Skylum Blog(7)

We hope you're now equipped with plenty of ideas to style your family comfortably and beautifully for your next photo session. Remember, choosing the right outfits involves considering both the setting and the individual personalities within your family!

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