IrfanView Photo Editor Alternatives

May 31

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With IrfanView you can create icons, make screenshots, open text files, crop, rotate and resize pictures, it allows you to work with tones, colors, and exposure. That's why we have created a list of best IrfanView Alternatives. Choose and use.

Not a lot of users have heard about the IrfanView Photo Editor. This program is rare, old-fashioned and has an unusual set of tools. IrfanView is not only for processing pictures, but it also can create screensavers and slideshows, play video and audio files.

The program supports multiple formats, not only JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and RAW but also ICO, PPM, TGA. IrfanView can create icons, used for making screenshots, open text files but its photo editing potential is low. Software is able to crop, rotate and resize the picture, it allows you to work with tones, colors, and exposure. Not too much even for basic editing, That's why we have created a list of best IrfanView Alternative. Choose and use. 

1. Luminar 4 

IrfanView provides just basic photo-editing and management. It has not enough functions for advanced and Pro editing. Luminar 4 changes the situation, it is fast, simple, powerful and has a large pack of instruments that will make your pictures shine. 

Luminar makes complex editing simpler thanks to AI Technology, which automates the bigger part of the editing process. You can let the software do all the work for you, or take full control of each edit yourself.

Luminar has a lot of tools like Photoshop and Lightroom. For example, via External Editor you can open pictures directly from Lightroom and Photoshop. A big advantage of Luminar is a large DAM library for management. You will also appreciate the Sky Replacement tool, which allows making sky more contrast, saturated and distinguishes. You can even add your own sky if you think that the real sky does not good look enough for your photography. 

AI Skin Enhancer and Portrait Enhancer help you to create a perfect-look portrait. Technology includes smart retouching, removing imperfections, tone leveling and a lot of other useful stuff. 

IrfanView Photo Editor Alternatives  Image1

2. FastStone Image Viewer 

FastStone is more suitable for managing and viewing pictures. The software supports all major graphic formats from JPEG and PNG to animated GIFs and RAW formats like RAF or DNG. It is convenient to view pictures on a Fullscreen with a FastStone, the program has the special Full-screen option which allows opening an image for the whole screen space. 

Editing possibilities of FastStone are simple: you can flip, rotate (lossless, apparently, for JPEG files), resize, crop, sharpen or blur pictures. You can also turn an image to greyscale, sepia or negative and adjust lighting, colors, curves, and levels. 

IrfanView Photo Editor Alternatives  Image2

3. Photos for macOS

Photos for macOS is a photo editing program for iOs only. The software gives you the possibility to sort, manage and edit pictures. It has a powerful library which can be connected with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and the Web. Photos for macOS can recognize content on your photos and group them. For example, the program recognizes Faces and Places and create two albums for two types of pictures. It makes a selection much easier. 

Editing potential is regular. You can work with Exposure, Contrast, Light and Color, White Balance and Noise Reduction, Just choose the right option and drag the slider. Basic retouching tools are also available. 

IrfanView Photo Editor Alternatives  Image3

4. JPEGView

JPEGView is an image viewer with editing tools. You can open different graphic formats with it, like JPEG, PNG, BMP, and RAW formats. A collection of sliders allow you to tweak contrast, brightness, contrast, colors (CMY/ RGB); there are options to tweak your shadows and highlights, correct colors and contrast;

Also, you can view pictures as a slideshow or a movie with a speed of up to 100 per second. Pressing F1 reveals a list of more than 50 keyboard shortcuts covering every aspect of the program’s operation.

JPEGView is not something very new and hi-tech. It is a functional and simple image viewer which provides a basic photo editing, 

IrfanView Photo Editor Alternatives  Image4

5. ACDSee Photo Studio 

ACDsee is a full-fledged photo editor with the best tools from Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. 

The program allows to keep the workflow in one place. You can work with layers and shapes, colors and retouching. 

ACDsee will glad you with some rare, specific and useful features like Face Detection. The program creates a database and can recognize the faces of some people which makes a sorting and selection process much easier. A Blended Clone tool allows you to quickly and efficiently remove distracting areas from your photos for a seamless result. One of the unfortunate things about ACDSee Ultimate 2021 is that it’s only available for Windows.

IrfanView Photo Editor Alternatives  Image5

Open pictures, make slideshows and edit photos with IrfanView Alternatives 

IrfanView is a good program for managing and basic editing. With IrfanView you can create icons, make screenshots, open text files, crop, rotate and resize pictures, it allows you to work with tones, colors, and exposure. Try Luminar 4 - it is offline and has bigger editing potential. Also, you may like FastStone and JPEGView.

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