Welcome to New York City, a place full of amazing photo spots! If you love taking pictures, you're in for a treat. We're going to show you some of the best places in New York to take your camera. These aren't just the usual tourist spots; we're going to explore some hidden gems that many people don't know about.

Whether you're a pro photographer or just like snapping photos for fun, these spots will make your photos stand out. Get ready to discover New York's best photo spots that are perfect for capturing the city's unique charm!

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Vessel at 20 Hudson Yards (Chelsea)

It stands out with its honeycomb-like structure, boasting 16 stories, 154 flights of stairs, and 80 landings. It's a fantastic spot for taking symmetrical photos, and you can experiment with different angles – whether it's from above, below, or straight on – a wide-angle lens is ideal for capturing the entire structure.

Squibb Park Bridge (Brooklyn Heights)

This bridge has a unique zig-zag shape and offers stunning views of Manhattan. It becomes especially photogenic at twilight, when the city lights begin to sparkle, complementing the natural light.

The Beekman, a Thompson Hotel (Financial District)

This hotel has a rich history dating back to 1881 when it was a law office. Now transformed into a hotel with Victorian design, it showcases a wide atrium and a pyramidal skylight, making it a perfect subject for those who appreciate intricate architectural details.

Staple Street Skybridge (TriBeCa)

A low sky bridge that was once part of the New York Hospital and is now attached to a townhouse offers a quintessential New York scene, complete with the city's famed fire escapes.

Fulton Center (Financial District)

It is renowned for its spiral staircase and distinctive cone ceiling. This location is a haven for architectural photography enthusiasts, where a wide lens is essential to capture the grandeur of its interior design.

Each of these best photo spots in New York has its own charm and is perfect for photographers looking for something different in the city. The best times for photography vary, so consider the lighting and crowds when planning your visit.

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Radio City Music Hall (Midtown)

It stands as an iconic concert venue, particularly stunning in wintery, rainy, foggy, or nighttime settings. To truly capture its neon sign and atmospheric backdrop, a low-light lens is recommended to enhance the vivid colors and ambiance of this historic location.

The Oculus (Financial District)

The Oculus in the Financial District is a modern marvel, resembling a dove in flight. Photographing this futuristic structure in Lower Manhattan offers a unique experience; you can capture its striking white beams from the inside or step outside for a full view, with bright light enhancing its clean, airy appearance.

Flatiron Building (Flatiron District)

This building is famous for its dramatic triangular shape and presents various photographic opportunities. You can capture its architectural beauty from Flatiron Plaza or the intersection of 5th and 24th. Exploring different angles is key, and a visit to nearby Madison Square Park offers additional picturesque scenes.

Times Square & Theater District (Theater District)

Times Square bursts with energy, especially captivating when capturing the billboards and neon lights during sunset or rainy weather, creating beautiful reflections. To avoid the usual crowds and capture its vibrancy, visiting early in the morning or late at night is ideal.

On the Bridge (Brooklyn to Manhattan)

Walking from Brooklyn to Manhattan on the bridge provides breathtaking scenic views. For a less crowded experience and unique shots, it's best to cross during off-peak hours, like early in the morning. Experimenting with different lenses, such as 24-70mm or 70-200mm, can offer varied perspectives of this iconic journey.

These famous New York locations can be seen in a whole new light with these tips. By choosing the right time and playing with angles, you can capture these iconic spots without the usual crowds and from perspectives that feel fresh and unique!

Nature in the City

The Pond in Central Park

The Pond, nestled in the southeast corner and encircled by trees, is a serene spot featuring the charming Gapstow Bridge. For the best photos, consider capturing the scene from the south end, looking north towards the bridge, which creates a beautiful composition with the Plaza Hotel in the background. Additionally, there's a large rock on the east side of The Pond, offering an elevated viewpoint for capturing the park's expansive beauty.

The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park

It is the park's largest water feature, encircled by a 1.6-mile loop. Springtime brings a breathtaking display of cherry blossoms on the east side, creating a picturesque scene against the backdrop of the Central Park West skyline. The north side of the reservoir offers equally impressive views, showcasing the downtown NYC skyline with its array of famous buildings.

Conservatory Garden in Central Park

Another hidden treasure within Central Park is the Conservatory Garden, which is divided into three sections, each brimming with fountains, fields, flowers, and trees. This beautifully maintained garden provides a tranquil escape from the city's hustle and bustle. The top of the garden's stairs serves as an ideal spot for panoramic views, allowing photographers to capture the full splendor of this urban oasis.

These natural New York photography spots offer peaceful and beautiful settings for photography. They are perfect for capturing the contrast between nature and the bustling city, and each location has its unique charm and best spots for photos.

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Exploring NYC photo spots is an adventure for any photographer. When taking pictures, it's good to know a few tips to get breathtaking shots! The best light is usually early in the morning or late in the afternoon, which gives your photos a warm and inviting feel, while the midday light is brighter and creates strong contrasts. On cloudy days, you get softer shadows, which can be great for detail. If you're going to popular spots, try to go early or late to avoid the crowds.

Think about the kind of gear you need, like a wide-angle lens for big scenes or a zoom lens for distant subjects, and don't forget extra batteries and memory cards! Always be careful with your equipment, especially in places you're not familiar with, and be ready for sudden weather changes by bringing protective gear for your camera. 

Remember to respect private property and follow local photography rules. Try shooting from different angles to make your photos unique. Editing your photos with a program like Luminar Neo can really enhance them, so give it a try!

Lastly, make sure you know the local photography laws, like if you need a permit for commercial shoots or if there are restrictions on using tripods.

Keeping these simple tips in mind will help you capture the beauty and energy of New York City in your photography!


As we finish our tour of New York City's photo spots, remember that this city has so many different things to take pictures of. From secret places in the busy streets to famous buildings and quiet parks, there's something for everyone. Whether you're taking a photo of the cool Vessel in Hudson Yards, enjoying the quiet of Central Park, or seeing the Flatiron Building in a new way, each place has its own special story for your photos.

To get the best photos in New York, think about the light, what lens to use, and where to stand. These little things can make a big difference. And with an editing tool like Luminar Neo, you can make your pictures even better.

Most of all, have fun taking pictures! Be respectful when you're exploring, stay safe, and remember to follow the rules for photography in the city. New York is always full of new things to see and photograph, so keep your camera ready and let your imagination go wild!

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