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Let’s assume that you recently visited The Bahamas during your last vacation, and took several pictures and selfies. Then at another time, you visited Paris. Only that this period, you were so stunned by the several fascinating sights, people and places that you got carried away taking photos of all the fascinating sights that you forgot to feature in any, except a group photo that some strangers took with you. Or, let’s say, flipping through the album, you mistakenly deleted your favorite Paris selfie.

Gone are the days when one feels downcast or unhappy about such things. As a matter of fact, we no longer give much consideration to such occurrences.

So, what changed? Nothing, really… Just that extraordinary digital photo editing happened.

A straightforward solution that applies to both scenarios is to digitally ‘copy’ an image of you from The Bahamas visit into one of your Paris backgrounds. The result? A perfect selfie in Paris! There was a time when this was only real in our imaginations. But it’s no longer the case anymore. In fact, the mind has now become an incredible tool for creating unbelievable photo enhancements and effects. Many thanks to the excellent photo editing apps that are now available in the market. These editors range from modern ones like Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom, and CorelDraw, to not-as-popular but competent ones like PhotoLine and Skylum Creative Kit.

Let’s have a look at PhotoLine photo editor...

PhotoLine Photo Editor

Also referred to as “one of the best-kept secrets ever”, PhotoLine is described as a competent photo editor that boasts of being able to do virtually all photo-editing tasks. It is robust, relatively stable and relatively more efficient than several of the apps that you'd find out there.

A fantastic app that runs smoothly on OS X and Windows, PhotoLine features a customizable UI and costs only a fraction of what you’d pay to use Photoshop CC in a year. It is indeed worth giving a trial.

Despite the fact that PhotoLine is custom-built with lots of exciting image processing tools, its generosity to plugins is amazing. Thus making it a flexible and extensible image editing app.

Although not a popular image editor, PhotoLine fairs well in the arena of professional photo editing. It is also compatible with a good number of digital camera RAW formats.

Using PhotoLine Photo Editor for your Workflow

Once within PhotoLine editing environment, the app grants you the liberty to perform a wide range of edits. Highlighting stunning tools like the ‘Light and Shadow,' ‘Colors,' ‘Unsharp Masking,' ‘Whitepoint’ and ‘Brightness,' PhotoLine’s Correct Wizard is great at placing you at a fantastic vantage point that makes it possible for you to easily carry out a wide range photo editing tasks. The app’s Quality & Camera options are not left out. They give you incredible control over image details like lens defects, chromatic aberration, dirt, dusts, and scratches, as well as contrast and other image properties that generally help to determine a photo’s overall appeal.

Besides PhotoLine’s image enhancement capabilities, the app is built to help users get creative with their photo editing tasks. Other editing features that make Photoline stand out include its filters, presets and photo-to-art tools which are all customizable to suit users' specific needs.

Some defects….

Ever heard of the saying, “don’t simply take my words for it…”? Such is the case with PhotoLine. Although the app is built to carry out all the aforementioned functions, and more, the manner in which it handles some cameras' RAW files leaves much to be desired. Furthermore, results from its filter effects particularly when processing complex images is often lacking in appeal.

Way forward:

Pro photographers, digital artists, and hobbyists who are experienced in photo editing generally have the flair for one thing – a consistent workflow. Nothing feels more fulfilling than knowing that you have an app that’s capable of helping you accomplish whatever demand you place on it, at any given point in time. The Skylum Creative Kit is that kind of app. It’s no surprise that it serves as a perfect alternative to Photoshop or PhotoLine and several other photo editing apps in the market today.

Let’s find out more…

Skylum Creative Kit: A Perfect Alternative to PhotoLine

Skylum Creative Kit is currently a Mac-only app that’s been designed to give users incredible photo editing experience and result. While using the Creative Kit for your workflow, one of the major characteristic features that cannot be missed is its intuitiveness and unique variety of extraordinary tools that puts you in charge, in every task, irrespective of your skill level. The Kit is great by equipping users with the required tools for effective image-repair, fine-tuning, applying photo effects and enhancement -all in simple mouse clicks.

Comprising of six award-winning apps: INTENSIFY, SNAPHEAL, FOCUS, FX PHOTO STUDIO, NOISELESS, and TONALITY, you certainly do not want to ignore apps that have remained award-winners for four consecutive years, and still counting.

Using the Creative Kit for your Workflow

There are times when we aren’t just looking for an image editor that can perform basic tasks as is the case with PhotoLine. A lot of times, we want a lot more! Photoshop, for years, is perceived as a quick getaway from the search of a competent photo app. However, the challenge with using Photoshop lies in its technical learning curve -a major discouragement for newbies.

Unlike what you’d experience in Photoshop, PhotoLine or other image editor for Macs, the Creative Kit offers a more intuitive interface; its uniqueness in the manner in which it helps users, irrespective of their skill level (including newbies), accomplish incredible results with little or no effort is incredible.

Speed is an established process of the Creative Kit’s workflow any day! Even more fascinating is the fact that you can trust the apps over 500 distinct and highly resourceful tools (photo filters and presets) to help you accomplish just about anything -as far as photo editing is concerned.

Now you can finally kiss your photo-difficulties goodbye! Skylum Creative Kit is here for good.

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