This week we'll go to a real paradise where the sun is always shining.

A little island not far away from Madagascar, Mauritius is a true paradise for travelers from all the world. You will find a warm and calm ocean, clean white sand, stunning nature and the zoo. Once you get to this magic place, you'll fall in love with it forever. Relaxing, yet mind-blowing views can be easily captured by your camera and enhanced with Aurora HDR Pro. Just take a look at the fantastic photos below taken by Oxy from Skylum.Mauritius - HDR waterfallMauritius - HDR flowersMauritius - HDR lakeMauritius - HDR NatureMauritius - HDR lake and palm treesMauritius - HDR landscapeMauritius - HDR mountainsMauritius - HDR waterfall from a mountainMauritius - HDR sea shellMauritius - HDR beachMauritius - HDR beach and seaMauritius - HDR sea and boatMauritius - a girl in the seaMauritius - the seaMauritius - HDR poolMauritius - HDR boats on waterMauritius - a girl on the beachMauritius - HDR parachuteMauritius - HDR ostrichMauritius - HDR zooMauritius - HDR ostrich in the zooMauritius - HDR zebras