Soft Glow

Create beautiful lighting effects on bright areas with this filter.

Use this filter to create amazing lighting effects in your photos. From streetlights to the sky, make the areas that are bright, even brighter.

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Drew Hopper



Filter controls


The overall effect strength. If the Amount value is 0, then the effect is not applied. Move the slider to the right to increase Amount.


This controls the softness of the effect. A Higher value creates a gentler blend between the affected and unaffected areas of the image.


Use this slider to control the brightness of the effect.


Adjusts the hue of the effect towards the warm end of the scale.

Drew Hopper

Pro Photographer

Drew Hopper's curiosity for different ways of living have influenced his desires to travel to new and unfamiliar places. Through his travels he has developed a photographic style that is unique, instinctive and compelling. Drew is a regular contributor to Australian Geographic, covering photo assignments throughout Australia. He also regularly contributes and writes for Australian Photographyand has been featured in numerous travel, photography and lifestyle magazines worldwide. In 2015 he won the ANZANG Nature Photographer OfThe Year award in the Botanical category.

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