Seb Picaud

Ocean photographer

About the Author

I am an apparel graphic designer currently living in the picturesque town of Biarritz, France. My journey into photography has quickly become an integral part of my everyday creative endeavors. I find my inspiration mainly from my travels and a deep fascination with the captivating allure and lifestyle of the ocean. Residing on the Aquitaine coast in France, where waves crash just outside my windows, I am passionately motivated to capture these breathtaking moments through my camera lens.

My Areas of Expertise

  • Graphic designer
  • Travel photographer

Author's publications:

Capturing the Essence of the Waves

November 29 2023

Capturing the Essence of the Waves

Surf photography is a captivating art that combines the ocean's exhilarating energy with the precision and creativity needed to capture the perfect shot. Immerse yourself in this unique craft and discover how to master the waves through your lens.

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