The importance of a business photoshoot is hard to overestimate. Today we will provide exciting ideas to help both models and photographers. Now you can make the photo session excellent and at the same time create the right first impressions on the business partners.

The genre of business-style photography has changed dramatically in recent decades. For example, employers are no longer interested in photos of candidates with serious faces on a white background. Today's entrepreneurs have different requirements for this style of photo. To make photos attractive, you need to think about appropriate clothing and interiors. And don't forget about successful poses.

Each photo session has its peculiarities and rules, which must be adhered to. The latter is more important when it comes to an office photo shoot. Remember that the purpose of this event is the opportunity to demonstrate the positive and strong sides of your character. That is why during such a shooting it is necessary to emphasize the business traits of a person.

Pictures made in business style have a fairly wide scope of application. They can be posted on various corporate sites, printed in the press, used for resumes, and even on social networks. This is quite an important aspect, which is a kind of business profile for a person and helps to form new business contacts. Of course, a model of such a photo session wants to make the right impression professionally and at the same time stand out among the competition. Our business photoshoot ideas are sure to help you, so read this article to the end.

Why do you need a business-style photo shoot?

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Perhaps you thought this type of photo shoot wasn't appropriate for you. Now we will give you some arguments that will dramatically change your point of view:

  • Business photos boost confidence and help you look professional. You can be a great specialist, but no one will know it until you declare yourself. A professional photo shoot is a great way to showcase your expertise and tell the business world about yourself.
  • Having business photos in a consistent style forms a cohesive presence on your platforms. With a collection of quality business suit photos, you can post on social media, on landing pages, and use the images on your website. And they will all showcase your brand atmosphere.
  • Pictures like these make you look more appealing. If you run an online business, customers can't meet you in person. Marketing studies prove that people buy from people they trust. This means that simply knowing about you is not enough, your audience has to like you. That's why high-quality images that show who you are are important.

How to prepare for such a photo session?

Although professional photoshoot ideas for men and women may differ, there are a few basic rules that work in both cases. Following them will help you shape your business image, even if you are doing it for the first time:

  • Dress as you normally would for a meeting with a new client. To present yourself in a positive light in terms of clothing, think about how you'd like to look in front of a new client and dress accordingly.
  • Choose basic hairstyles and professional makeup. One of the best business photo ideas when choosing hair and makeup for photos is simplicity. Hair should be clean and neatly styled, and makeup should be minimal.
  • Don't get a new haircut on the same day. Photographers advise getting it at least a week in advance (to get used to styling a new cut). If you're getting a brand new haircut, wait a week or two to let your hair grow out a bit and look more natural.
  • Watch your posture. A straight posture exudes confidence and professionalism. Don't slouch, Just sit with your back straight and shoulders back, staying relatively relaxed.
  • Get a good night's sleep. Get enough sleep to avoid dark circles under your eyes and not look tired. A good night's sleep will make you look fresh and confident.
  • Drink plenty of water and don't skip breakfast. Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day and have a good breakfast or lunch before your photo shoot. How you feel affects how your photos will look.
  • Take some test shots. It's always best to have multiple team photoshoot ideas. Even if you are sure of the style, angle, and background, you should have at least a horizontal and a vertical version suitable for different publications.

What's the best to wear?

Top Best Business Photoshoot Ideas | Skylum Blog(3)When preparing for a business-style photo shoot for a girl, avoid large prints and intricate patterns. Bring shirts and blouses with different necklines. Wear clothes in which the neckline will affect the visible shape of your face. It is better to use long-sleeved clothing without drawing attention to your shoulders and arms. Don't follow ultra-trendy style for a professional business photoshoot. Classics are timeless, and a trendy look will be obsolete in a year or two. In general, choose clothes that reflect the type of company and your personality in business terms.

As for men, for a classic business suit photo shoot, a standard business image will do best - a jacket, a classic solid-colored shirt, and a tie. For a casual look, you can wear a jacket and a classic shirt with an open collar (a shirt and tie are always a good idea for corporate photo shoots). Polo shirts are a normal casual look for some businesses. Make sure the shirt is in good condition and fits properly.

Shirt colors darker than your skin tone are fine for a casual look without a jacket. A white dress shirt is a bad idea (too bright) unless you plan to wear it under something (a jacket or sweater). If the business photo shoot is in the studio, take several shirts and ties in different colors so that we have a choice for the photo.

Top 12 tips and professional photo shoot ideas

In today's world, the business photo shoot industry is very developed. Depending on the application, the approach to creating a photo will be different. It can be a corporate shoot, a portrait for a company website, or a business shoot for a resume. Below you will find useful tips and business photoshoot ideas on taking a photo which can be done in many ways.

1. Smile naturally

Top Best Business Photoshoot Ideas | Skylum Blog(4)One of the best tips to elevate photos is attractiveness. Of course, you don't have to smile in all your photos, but a few shots will be appropriate. How do you like it when you smile in a photo: with your lips open or closed?  Relax your muscles. The key is to smile not just with your lips, but with your whole body. It may seem difficult, but it's worth a try.

2. Show your emotion

Top Best Business Photoshoot Ideas | Skylum Blog(5)Most people think that in a business picture a person should be portrayed with a serious stone face to look their best. That's partly true, but not for everyone! Be open, and creative, and enjoy the process. This is one of the best professional business photoshoot ideas. Even if you're not sure if such shots will be useful in your resume or business correspondence, they will be a great memory of an interesting period in your life.

3. Add some motion

Top Best Business Photoshoot Ideas | Skylum Blog(6)Whether it's a studio portrait or a street photo, a little dynamics in the frame will be appropriate - walking, jumping, gesticulating, fixing hair, etc. Also, dynamic business poses will help reveal a true nature, so the employer will know what an active and enthusiastic person you are.

4. Change facial expressions

Top Best Business Photoshoot Ideas | Skylum Blog(7)A photographer may encourage you to show a range of emotions to look professional. Don't be reluctant! Whether it's anger, happiness, fear, sadness, or disgust - anything different from the ordinary will look truly captivating. A photographer may want to let you show creativity and choose the best shots.

5. Use props

Top Best Business Photoshoot Ideas | Skylum Blog(8)Extra props help explain your profession to the viewer, add some variety to the frame, and can emphasize your emotions. But choose it wisely - it shouldn't become the main thing in the frame, draw all the attention to itself, or mislead the viewer. You need to bring props that are associated with your profession.

6. Create visibility of busy patterns

Top Best Business Photoshoot Ideas | Skylum Blog(9)Corporate portraiture is a very interesting genre, especially if it allows you to visually show your line of work. When the photographer takes photos, as if casually in the workplace, it reduces the distance between you and your client, telling him that you are just as hardworking. 

7. Cross your arms

Top Best Business Photoshoot Ideas | Skylum Blog(10)Crossed arms - one of the most popular business photography poses. You get an elegant, professional-looking image. But if you cross your arms too tightly, you will look withdrawn and asocial.

The model's hands occupy an important place, perhaps second only to the eyes. Their position, shape, and appearance set a very strong trend for the entire photo - from the confident businessman to the shy and subservient official. And don't press your arms tightly against your torso, it makes you look visually thicker.

8. Wear glasses

Top Best Business Photoshoot Ideas | Skylum Blog(11)If you use glasses, you should take into account that during a business professional photoshoot, they can reflect flashes. So you need to carefully select good angles and listen carefully to the recommendations of the photographer or stylist. The second nuance - glasses can cast a shadow on your face, so the photographer will have to play with the lighting (also using natural light).

9. Play with your hair

Top Best Business Photoshoot Ideas | Skylum Blog(12)This recommendation is more relevant for a female business portrait than for a male one. This tip will add some movement to the frame, and the pictures will come out alive.

10. Take a portrait

Top Best Business Photoshoot Ideas | Skylum Blog(13)A big portrait is a must in your portfolio. In such a headshot the eyes and facial expressions are the main focus, so try to put some light in them and relax your muscles.

11. Stand up straight

Top Best Business Photoshoot Ideas | Skylum Blog(14)When asked by a photographer to act at ease in front of the camera, people usually do the opposite. But remember that your everyday pose, such as when you're thinking about something or reading a book, allows you to catch a natural shot. Employers like these kinds of corporate photoshoots.

12. Lean against the wall

Top Best Business Photoshoot Ideas | Skylum Blog(15)This is a very simple yet natural photo. Just stand next to a wall or bookcase and lean your shoulder or back. Avoid mottled or brightly colored walls - they will draw attention to themselves.

To sum it up

Top Best Business Photoshoot Ideas | Skylum Blog(16)Usually, models know their successful poses and angles. If you need, practice in front of a mirror before the office photoshoot. Also, trust your photographer to tell you the best angles. Remember that body parts that are closer to the lens look larger in photos. So, if you want to hide flaws, choose the right poses for corporate shots.

It is also very important to discuss with the photographer the style of photo editing. The global trend dictates that amazing photos should be as natural as possible. But that doesn't mean without processing. It means that retouching is not conspicuous and does not cut the eye with magazine gloss. This is the effect you can achieve with Luminar Neo. It is a modern photo editor with a set of professional tools and a simple interface. Be sure to try it instead of Photoshop!

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