Shooting vehicles is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. In addition to using some techniques, it is also important to choose the right equipment and camera settings. In this article, we will look at the best lenses for car photography to make your shopping much easier.

10 Best Lenses For Car Photography | Skylum Blog(2)Taking pictures of a vehicle is a more complicated process than it may seem at first glance. For example, you can't get great shots without a well-constructed lighting scheme. Imagine that the auto is a chrome ball in which light is reflected it. No matter where you move, you will still see yourself in it. This is one of the aspects that makes lenses for car photography need to be chosen particularly carefully. Natural light is often used for shooting vehicles outdoors.

You have to remember that the vehicle's coating reflects light, so it's better to make it pleasing to the eyes. Professionals recommend paying attention to the sky and carefully choosing the time of the shooting. But these are not all the difficulties you may encounter. Only the right lens will help you capture the best shots of any vehicle. Thanks to this article, you can easily choose the best lens for automotive photography according to your budget.

Suitable equipment for this genre

10 Best Lenses For Car Photography | Skylum Blog(3)The lens is one of the main components of a camera and the basis for a great picture. The quality and type of lens have a major impact on how good a picture you take. Now we are going to look at a few options for easy car photography. It is also worth mentioning that any specialist does not end on the achieved and is always trying to learn more, continuing to experiment. 

Perhaps this material will inspire you to try something new and go beyond your usual style. If you have a limited budget, it is best to choose one suitable option that allows you to shoot different parts of the car. So, if you are looking for the best focal length for car photography right now, you will have to consider the following options:

  • Wide-angle. It is preferable to use a wide-angle lens for this genre. This will allow you to shoot at close range. Many photographers use this as their primary option because it can produce a great image.
  • Primes. If you don't shoot dynamic scenes all the time and work more with static images, then this is a great choice for you. The prime lens can't zoom in and out quickly, so you have to move around a lot more. Of course, here we should be guided by the focal length. The image quality here will always be excellent.
  • Zoom. In terms of usability, this option is much preferable. Where the owner of the previous equipment will move from place to place or put on another piece of equipment, the zoom lens will simply change all the necessary settings and take the shot. The quality issue is not so critical either. Some options give a picture no worse than the previous solution, they just cost more.
  • Telephoto. Such options are most often used when shooting subjects that are problematic to get close enough to use your normal equipment. Modern telephoto lenses magnify images magnificently without loss of quality. It's a great solution if you have to shoot competitions. This option can be quite expensive, so not all beginner photographers can afford it right away.

This information is not only aimed at beginners in the field of photography. Perhaps if you used to use only one or two options of equipment, you will now consider using other models. This is a great chance to choose an ideal lens tailored to your personal needs and style of shooting.

Top options which you can buy today

There is so much equipment available that it can be hard to know which option is best to use. We'll go into detail about each of these types and how they work with camera models, as well as give some tips on what kind of shots they're best suited for. So, in this list, we will bring you the best camera lens for car photography, so take a closer look at the following solutions.

1. Canon F1.4

10 Best Lenses For Car Photography | Skylum Blog(4)Clear images and high-quality 50mm optics are what make this equipment great. It will show you all the details of any scene with the utmost clarity. Now you won't have to worry about blurry images, even if there are lighting issues. Here you get gorgeous backgrounds and high definition. Now you can easily photograph your subject in the best way possible.

It also delivers high contrast and detail even at the largest apertures. You can adjust the depth of field to get the desired setting with a smooth ring that works quickly and silently. This lens will be a great addition to your camera, delivering high-quality, professional-level results in a variety of shooting conditions. That's why we confidently believe this is one of the good lenses for car photography.

2. Nikon F1.8

10 Best Lenses For Car Photography | Skylum Blog(5)This 50mm option is perfect for capturing the beauty of a moment in a detailed environment. Use it to capture every detail with enhanced clarity. It will give you that sense of nostalgia, creating memories with images, just as photographers used analog cameras in the days of film. The best option with a lightweight design that's perfect for creative shoots in tight spaces. The compact size makes it easy to carry anywhere, and it's best used in fast-paced environments because it's really fast. Say goodbye to blurry photos and shaky videos. So, we can confidently say that this is the best lens to shoot cars.

3. Sony F1.8-22

10 Best Lenses For Car Photography | Skylum Blog(6)So if you want to take some great shots, this option is perfect for you. This equipment is still the best way to capture stunning images. It provides clarity and autofocus indoors, outdoors, at dawn or dusk with crisp images, as well as daytime shots. Its shape covers all possible angles without any special adjustments. It provides exceptional clarity, except in extreme circumstances, it should not distort the photo. This option for 85mm car photography has everything you need.

4. Sigma F1.8

10 Best Lenses For Car Photography | Skylum Blog(7)The ability to get professional quality images at any time of the day or night here is truly amazing. Its medium size and weight make it an excellent choice even for those who are just beginning to explore the world of photography. It's great because of its versatile range, as it includes both wide-angle and zoom functions. 

This equipment offers maximum benefits with the ability to take pictures at any time of the night or the day, the picture remains stunning. Choose the option for 35mm car photography and you definitely won't regret it. See for yourself!

5. Samyang F1.4

10 Best Lenses For Car Photography | Skylum Blog(8)This is a lens with a focal length the same as the previous option. Make sure your professional-quality photos are just the right option for you! This is one of the most popular solutions for beginner photographers because of its ease of use, high image quality, and affordable cost. Now you will be able to take the sharpest pictures possible. There is minimal distortion when compared to counterparts from other manufacturers. You can even take pictures at night without a flash. Autofocus is reliable and fast enough. This is one of the finest vehicle camera lenses.

6. Tamron F2.8

10 Best Lenses For Car Photography | Skylum Blog(9)An excellent choice that provides a stunning background blur. Moisture-resistant construction makes it ideal for rainy days. Special coatings repel dirt, creating an extra layer of weather protection. If you're looking for compact and lightweight car photography lenses with amazing optical performance, then we recommend taking a look at this option. You'll be able to photograph in excellent quality from close-ups as well as wider angles. Even in low light, your pictures will have a stunning depth of field. It works in a wide range, so it's considered versatile. Light enough to carry in your bag and change as needed.

7. Fujifilm F3.5-4.8

10 Best Lenses For Car Photography | Skylum Blog(10)If you are looking for a 200mm option for a full-frame camera, you can finish your search. This option is specifically designed to be compact and easy for those photographers who don't want to miss the perfect shot. The image stabilization here helps you take incredibly sharp and high-quality photos at any time of day. 

That means you can take photos and videos with more stability without blurring, even when conditions are far from ideal. From shooting from a great distance to up-close details, now you won't have trouble taking pictures anymore. Consider this option if you want to photograph races or any other events where you don't have the opportunity to get up close. This is one of the best car photography lenses, so pay attention to it.

8. Canon F2.8

10 Best Lenses For Car Photography | Skylum Blog(11)The EF-S is ideal for urban photography. With this equipment, you get superb images with minimal and noticeable background blur at all aperture settings. Because of the wide angle of view, you can photograph subjects with a lot of detail in the entire car, which is a definite advantage. The additional feature of special optical corrections will make your photos even clearer and brighter. A versatile option that allows you to shoot from a variety of angles. Sure, it can be a bit pricey for novice photographers, but it's worth it.

9. Sony F4

10 Best Lenses For Car Photography | Skylum Blog(12)This fantastic product is sure to take your photos to a whole new level thanks to its many benefits. With this versatility, you will never miss a memorable moment, especially if you are photographing any competitions. This is the perfect telephoto lens that will become one of the indispensable items in your arsenal as a photographer. It helps you get an excellent zoom ratio. You can easily shoot cars in motion, getting incredibly sharp images. Optimal sharpness and exposure will be maintained throughout the range of this model. The unique system helps make autofocusing as smooth as possible. You should give this a try!

10. Sigma F3.5

10 Best Lenses For Car Photography | Skylum Blog(13)This solution is great if you plan to focus more on capturing the interior of the vehicle. It also shows great low-light performance regardless of the type of car you are shooting, which will come in handy. You'll also be able to get great perspectives. The new and improved design helps greatly reduce aberration, glare from bright sunlight, and more. This option will give you tremendous potential for all your creative ideas, so be sure to check it out.

How to choose the best lens for car photography?

10 Best Lenses For Car Photography | Skylum Blog(14)Of course, with so much variety, it's very easy to get confused. That's why we will give you some useful recommendations that will help you make a successful purchase for many years to come. So, to choose a great lens, you need to pay attention to the following elements:

  • If you're a beginner and have just started to pursue your ideas, you're best off with a classic 50mm that teaches you how to work with light, color, and distance. Or you can also choose an uncomplicated zoom that will allow you to zoom in on your desired subject from a distance.
  • A wide-angle in the skilled hands of a photographer can take such pictures of vehicles that you'll be surprised how gorgeous even the most ordinary auto can be.
  • A telephoto lens is a great choice for professionals and experienced amateurs to take pictures of competitions and other situations where you don't get to get close to the subject.
  • Zoom is versatile for shooting events because you can use light lens rotation to zoom in on objects to get close-ups of details. However, be aware that the greater the zoom capability, the harder it is to achieve a good image.

Remember that the right lens is capable of a lot. Of course, a lot depends on your skill, but with the right equipment, it will be much easier to work.

What is the best program to use for post-processing?

As in any other genre, you can't do without post-processing. Sometimes you just need to frame the car, and other times you have to make more complex corrections. Of course, the right software will simplify these tasks. Most beginner photographers immediately try to learn all the basics of Photoshop or use Lightroom, but that's how even the simplest tasks take a lot of time.

Some modern photo editors can perform the same tasks, but in just a couple of clicks, and all thanks to AI tools. If you take pictures of vehicles, we suggest you process successful shots in Luminar Neo. You will be surprised by how easy the editing tools can be. In addition, you won't have to learn the interface for a long time. If you don't want to buy a subscription or a lifetime license right away, you can always try the free version for 7 days.


Now you won't have much trouble choosing a lens. Shooting cars is quite difficult, but the right equipment and following the rules of working with light will make this task much easier. So you'll be able to take pictures for magazine covers as well as for personal purposes. Don't forget that even with a good lens, you need to practice to get perfect results. A great shot will be even better if you exercise your creativity in a car photo editor.

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