To enhance an image means to adjust certain elements of the picture to improve its quality using editing. The main goals include improving image quality by applying various photo effects for old picture restoration, sharpening blurry pictures by increasing image resolution, etc.

It is paramount for photographers to know how to enhance a photo, and modern technologies are their best helpers in it. The modern-day market is full of picture enhancer software of different types. You can install an image-enhancing app on your phone, find editing software for your desktop computer, or go for Photo Enhance Online, using one of the plethora of online editors, depending on your goals, skills, and capabilities.

Choosing the best photo-enhancing software is always challenging, but we are here to help. This article will examine 7 of the best photo enhancer software available on the modern market and help you choose the best photo enhancer for your specific needs. 

Top 7 Best Photo Enhancement Software Reviews

7 BEST Photo Enhancer Software: Compared & Reviewed | Skylum Blog(2)

1. Luminar Neo

7 BEST Photo Enhancer Software: Compared & Reviewed | Skylum Blog(3)

This AI photo enhancer emerges as a frontrunner in image editing. AI-powered photo-enhancing capabilities make this simple photo editor perfect for beginners. This photo enhancer software doesn't just focus on increasing resolution or restoring old pictures; it can seamlessly remove people from photos, providing a comprehensive editing experience.

2. Adobe Photoshop7 BEST Photo Enhancer Software: Compared & Reviewed | Skylum Blog(4)

This photo enhancement software offers an extensive suite of editing tools, from basic edits to intricate manipulations, for professionals and enthusiasts seeking advanced tools to edit images without losing quality.

3. Lightroom7 BEST Photo Enhancer Software: Compared & Reviewed | Skylum Blog(5)

The image enhancement software, known for its user-friendly interface and powerful photo editing tools, emerges as the top choice for enhancing images while preserving their quality. Lightroom simplifies the image editing journey for beginners and experts, providing cloud-based functionalities and non-destructive editing, making it an optimal solution for photo enthusiasts and professionals.

4. Let’s Enhance7 BEST Photo Enhancer Software: Compared & Reviewed | Skylum Blog(6)

It is an option for those choosing the best software to increase photo resolution. This image enhancer software uses AI and applies advanced AI algorithms to increase image resolution and reduce noise effectively. Its user-friendly approach is ideal for those seeking basic yet impactful ways to improve image quality.


Special Features


Ease of Use


Export File Formats

Lossless Upscale

Luminar Neo

Object Removal, AI Enhancements



Windows, Mac



Adobe Photoshop

Versatility, Extensive Toolset


Intermediate to Advanced

Windows, Mac

PSD, JPEG, PNG, more



Cloud Integration, Non-Destructive Editing



Windows, Mac

JPEG, PNG, DNG, more


Let’s Enhance

Image Upscaling, Noise Reduction






Topaz Photo AI

Precision Editing, AI Tools


Intermediate to Advanced

Windows, Mac



Background Removal, Simplified Editing







Filters, Effects, Editing Suite



Windows, Mac, Online

JPEG, PNG, more


5. Topaz Photo AI7 BEST Photo Enhancer Software: Compared & Reviewed | Skylum Blog(7)

This image-enhancing software took its place among the ten best AI-driven software to enhance image quality alongside tools like Vance AI and Hitpaw Photo Enhancer. This powerful photo editing software significantly transforms photos and offers a sophisticated editing experience, catering to nuanced edits.

Advanced yet easy-to-use photo editor

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6. Remove.bg7 BEST Photo Enhancer Software: Compared & Reviewed | Skylum Blog(8)

Here is a variant if you want to remove the background from your photo using an AI tool. This AI photo editor is useful for swiftly isolating subjects and refining compositions by effortlessly removing backgrounds. However, consider another option if you want a wide set of enhancer tools. 

7. Fotor7 BEST Photo Enhancer Software: Compared & Reviewed | Skylum Blog(9)

This photo enhancer tool offers a range of features, including filters and photo effects. This photo enhancer lets you increase the image quality within minutes because of its user-friendly interface. 

Luminar Neo: Why It Stands Out as the Best AI Photo Enhancer7 BEST Photo Enhancer Software: Compared & Reviewed | Skylum Blog(10)

Luminar Neo is a picture enhancement software that proudly takes its place among the best AI photo editors in 2023. The software's groundbreaking AI models and generative AI capabilities propel it to the forefront of image editing, seamlessly integrating the AI art. Its sophisticated AI engine is the linchpin behind its exceptional capabilities, making Luminar Neo much more than just an image enhancer based on AI. It is more of a gateway to unlocking the true potential of AI in image augmentation to make it serve the photographer's unique vision. In addition to improving your photos' quality, this AI enhancer leaves room for creative experiments and self-expression.

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One of the features earning Luminar Neo a place among the best AI image enhancers is its Enhance AI tool. This transformative tool epitomizes the pinnacle of AI-driven improvements, effortlessly elevating image quality with precision. Explore how to use the Enhance AI tool to learn more about harnessing this technology.


1. How Can I Improve The Quality of a Picture?

Improving the quality of a picture involves several techniques and tools available in various photo enhancement software. Here are some steps:

  • Basic Adjustments:

    • Correct exposure levels by adjusting brightness, contrast, and highlights.

    • Fine-tune shadows and midtones for balanced lighting.

    • Utilize sharpening tools to edit details without overdoing it.

    • Focus on clarity adjustments for better-defined edges and textures.

  • Color Correction and Balance:

    • Modify color saturation, hue, and temperature to achieve desired color tones.

    • Use color balance adjustments for a more natural and pleasing look.

  • Noise Reduction and Upscaling:

    • Employ noise reduction tools to minimize digital noise, especially in low-light conditions.

    • Reduce noise, but keep the important details

    • Utilize software with lossless upscaling capabilities for increasing resolution without compromising quality.

  • Professional Editing Software:

    • Consider using professional software, in part AI image editors, for intricate retouching.

2. Is There Image Enhancement Software To Enhance Your Photos for Free?

Yes. This article mentioned Fotor, Let’s Enhance and These software are free (or have a free mode and a paid mode for more advanced editing capabilities), and it is only the tip of the iceberg for the best free photo editors.

3. Is Photo Enhancement Software Based on AI Technology Good?

Yes, picture enhancement software based on AI technology showcases remarkable advancements in improving photos and videos. AI technology's integration into picture enhancing software has elevated industry standards by offering more advanced and effective tools. Its ability to comprehend visual data and apply intricate adjustments has made AI-based image enhancement a powerful asset for photographers and video editors.

AI technology empowers software to analyze and understand visual elements, allowing for more nuanced and precise retouching. This results in improved image quality, resolution, noise reduction, and more.


The realm of photo editing stands enriched by the array of cutting-edge tools available to photographers and enthusiasts. Exploring the diverse functionalities and capabilities of these best photo editing software options provides a glimpse into the future of visual storytelling.

The evolution of AI technology within these software solutions has ushered in a new era, offering unprecedented precision, efficiency, and creativity in the editing process. From Luminar Neo's remarkable AI-driven edits to Adobe Photoshop's versatile toolset, each software brings forth a unique proposition, catering to various editing needs.

The quest for the perfect photo enhancer extends beyond resolution increase and noise reduction; it embodies a creative journey intertwined with technological advancements. The amalgamation of AI models and generative capabilities refines photographs and augments storytelling potential, unlocking a realm where imagination meets reality.

As we navigate these advancements in image editing, one thing remains certain: pursuing the best image enhancer continues, driven by innovation, creativity, and the ever-expanding horizons of technology. Whether for personal projects or professional endeavors, the right choice of software is a potent tool, enabling photographers to transform their visions into captivating visual narratives.

7 BEST Photo Enhancer Software: Compared & Reviewed | Skylum Blog(11)

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