Let's celebrate National Camera Day to the fullest! Let even a small holiday shine with brilliant emotions! In our blog today, we will discuss different ways to make this day special.

Every year, we celebrate National Camera Day. This holiday is as important for photographers as Photography Day. A great opportunity to pay homage to a beloved craft. Let's celebrate photography, the camera, and their invention together. So when is National Camera Day? The answer to this question awaits you in this article! This road is worth an annual reminder, from the first camera to a modern photo creation device. You will also learn what you can present to a photographer by this day and receive a bonus from interesting facts about the most common modern art — photography.

Soul of National Camera DayNational Camera Day 2024: Celebrating Photographic Excellence | Skylum Blog(2)

Imagine your life in a world where the camera was never invented. That's hard to do. Today, it is an indispensable tool that helps us record and reproduce memories and freeze events, places, and people in time. Learn more about when the first camera was invented and its impact on society from then until now. 

Year after year, this invention developed, improved, and acquired new, more compact forms. Now, we have a portable and powerful device that pleases us with its detailing and color rendering. In addition, now pictures can have a short exposure time. We can print them at once. Also, photo editors are a valuable addition, allowing us to reveal our creativity and fully improve images in seconds. Smartphones with built-in cameras include features that also allow you to share photos instantly.

Today's digital cameras have many features and variations that make them attractive to people of all ages for personal and professional use. Portable and easy-to-use features allow you to take photos quickly and edit them on the fly. AI cameras are not a new thing anymore.

The photo is available to everyone. So, it's no surprise that Business Insider research shows that humanity takes more than 1.5 trillion digital photos annually. If you are interested in the art of photography but have not yet decided to buy a professional camera — read about the best cameras for beginners and what you should pay attention to when choosing your first camera. 

The word "photography" comes from two Greek words that together mean "to write with light." This physical process sounds quite poetic. So, let's look at some National Camera Day celebration ideas to help you find even more inspiration for your "light writing!"

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Festive ActivitiesNational Camera Day 2024: Celebrating Photographic Excellence | Skylum Blog(3)

There are quite a few of them. It all depends on your preferences, imagination, and capabilities. Here are some good ideas that will be suitable for this holiday:

Make a Photo Session

Photographs accompany various holidays, so National Camera Day should be no exception! Create a themed photo for yourself, your family, or your friends, and dedicate it to this day. You can even gift a photo session to another photographer or arrange it for yourself. It will certainly create a pleasant, memorable moment.

Go for a WalkNational Camera Day 2024: Celebrating Photographic Excellence | Skylum Blog(4)

Of course, this walk should be unusual. Take your camera as your faithful companion and the culprit of this holiday. Find a good place, or look around. Try to look at familiar surroundings in a new way. Take photos of a familiar street at different times of the day under different lighting. Or photograph the beauty of nature in its smallest details. Let this walk become a meditation for you.

Bring Order in Processes

If you work a lot, you leave behind a slight (or quite serious) mess. How long has it been since you cleaned your camera? Literally, in every sense! Wipe the case, clean the parts, remove the unnecessary, review the settings, and organize the bag, wires, and accessories. They also need to be cleaned from time to time, you know?

Photos can take up a lot of space on your computer. Organize them, and look through your photo editor's catalogs. Accumulating a large number of pictures in them can slow down the software. These processes can become therapy for a photographer.

Deepen Your Knowledge

Visit a photo gallery or an exhibition of camera technologies. It is useful and fun. Be sure to bring your friends with you.

Buy a photography master class from a photographer you've admired for a long time. Learn to shoot in a new style or use techniques that are new to you. Try taking pictures with different types of cameras — from film to a smartphone or even a drone.

Buy a magazine or an encyclopedia where everything about cameras and photography will be collected. It could also be a good gift for another photographer you want to please.

Become a TeacherNational Camera Day 2024: Celebrating Photographic Excellence | Skylum Blog(5)

National Camera Day is a good reason to teach someone the basics of working with this device. Help beginners master complex camera settings, use the necessary accessories, and explain the main rules of light and angles.

Improve Photo Editing

Try a different photo editor, or buy advanced features you've been putting off buying. For example, Luminar Neo has a basic package and additional advanced features that you can choose from. This photo editor is great for photographers of all levels and would make a great gift for National Camera Day. With it, image retouching will become the requested fast and pleasant process. It works on both Windows and Mac and also has an iPad version. In addition to a wide selection of AI functions, Luminar has lens distortion correction, allowing you to effortlessly correct distorted images caused by certain lenses. Purchase Luminar Neo’s presets. They are compatible with Lightroom and Photoshop. That is why they could be another good gift option for a photographer this holiday.

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Bottom LineNational Camera Day 2024: Celebrating Photographic Excellence | Skylum Blog(6)

Photography has long been a way of broadcasting information. One image can convey much information that our brain perceives faster and more deeply than reading a description of the same scene in text. Human imagination is an incredible creation of nature, and the camera has become the perfect creation of humanity. It is not for nothing that there is a phrase that “it is better to see once than many times to hear.” The camera allows us to see through the decades and pass on the vision of the present to our future generations. This device has gone through a long and, at the same time, rapid history, and now it is forever firmly connected with our everyday lives.

Could you give up your camera and never take any pictures? Maybe so, but why miss the opportunity to convey your creativity and worldview to others? Think about what cameras mean to humanity right now, and with that inspiration, set out to celebrate National Camera Day in the way that brings you the most joy from getting close to the art of photography. Happy National Camera Day!

BONUS: 10 Interesting Facts about PhotographyNational Camera Day 2024: Celebrating Photographic Excellence | Skylum Blog(7)

1. The photo taken by Robert Cornelius in 1839 is considered the first selfie in the world. He set up the camera in his family shop, removed the lens cap, and ran into the frame to take his photo, which took several minutes.

2. The first digital photograph was invented in 1975 and was kept secret for a long time. It was made by Steve Sasson, who worked at Kodak then. Of course, the photos she took were far from our current images. This camera had about 3.5 kilograms weight and only 0.01 megapixels, and each image was recorded on film for more than 20 seconds.

3. Before the advent of digital cameras, the US government secretly photographed the Soviet Union via 20 satellites, each carrying a camera containing about 60 miles of film. When the film was used, it was ejected from the satellite and fell back to Earth.

4. Have you ever wondered why people look so gloomy in old photos? No, not because they lived in hard times or were unhappy. The reason is the need to sit still for hours to take one picture. It's hard to keep a smile for such a long time.

5. You've probably seen one of the most famous images of the 20th century, The Afghan Girl. It was made in 1984 and published in National Geographic the following year. However, the girl in the picture only knew about its worldwide fame once she was shown her photo in 2002.

6. The journal "Psychological Science" published a study showing that people seem more beautiful in group photos than individual portraits. This effect occurs because our brain averages the traits of the faces of a group of people. Check your shots.  Check your shots. Where do you like yourself better — in a portrait or a joint photo with your best friend?

7. In 1987, the Knoll brothers developed a piece of software called ImagePro. Adobe acquired it and used it to create what we now know as Photoshop. The first version of Photoshop was released on February 19, 1990, and was exclusive to the Macintosh.

8. The default Windows XP wallpaper is the most viewed photo in history. This picture was taken in 1996 by Charles O'Rear. Microsoft bought the rights to it in 2000.

9. The equivalent aperture for the human eye is f/8.3 in bright conditions and f/2 in dark conditions.

10. Researchers from Wake Forest University found that the left side of our face looks better in photos than the right. You can check it yourself!

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